A little about me

A little about me


Camping and enjoying the outdoors has always been a part of my life. My parents always had us outside doing exciting and new things. Growing up as a kid on the Central Coast of New South Wales Australia, there was always plenty to do. Just out the back door was bush and wetlands that stretched out for miles. It was a playground of natural obstacles that kept me occupied for hours, never did I ever wonder what was there to do.


Early days

My early teen years were spent out in the bush where my dad had a property. I loved this place because it was deep in a large valley in the middle of nowhere. It was thickly dense with gum trees and loads of wildlife, you would regularly see kangaroos goannas snakes and much more, laying in the sun. There was also natural springs of deep clear water that had turtles and fresh water fish. The isolation was great as it meant that we wouldn’t see another car or person for days at a time.

Then in my late teens I gravitated towards people who also loved the outdoors. We would bush walk or camp on the many isolated beaches nearby, surfing for days at a time. The only food we had was what we had caught on our fishing rods or in our nets. I surrounded myself with books on adventure and dream t of a time and opportunity when I could get out into the world to explore it for myself. I was getting comfortable living simply and being self-sufficient, this type of life was something I definitely wanted to achieve for myself and family. Little by little I started learning and talking to whoever I could on the subject. I came in contact with some amazing people around this time of my life who taught me many valuable lessons


A turning point

Around this time a few things happened in my life that shaped my thinking. Around the globe, terrorism was becoming one of the main talking points on the news. On top of this endless discussion, there also seemed to be more frequent occurrences of powerful life threatening natural disasters, that affected many people’s lives. I started to wonder why people weren’t prepared for this type of thing. I started reading lots of information on the subject and watching tonnes of videos from experts.

my oldest boy Kynan and myself exploring the maclay river NSW


In 2010, I was asked if I could develop a Bug Out bag for a family I knew. I had developed a few of these in the past so I was only too happy to help them out. We talked about the many types of applications and situations the bag could be useful in. So over a few days I put together a bag for each family member and gave them some basic training on how to use the contents effectively. Over the next few months, word was getting around that my Bug Out bags were the real deal and I began to take on more orders. I started thinking more on this and talked to friends and family about the subject. I put together a quick online survey asking people what were there most pressing questions on preparing for a disaster and put together some information on it.

Educate yourself now before its too late

Now I specialize in information on survival and living self sufficiently. I’m passionate about helping people make the needed adjustments to protect themselves for the unexpected. When disaster has struck in the past, many people lose there lives not because of the disaster, but because they were under prepared and this is a tragedy.


6 April 2018 Family holiday Merimbula NSW

Now I am older, married with two boys, my passion is all about survival, living simple and off the grid. I test the many types of camp and survival products out there and do my own reviews on them. My love for adventure has never dwindled. Whenever we get the chance to get out into the bush or explore along our beautiful coastline we are off. I love life and discovering the road less traveled. It’s a joy to see my kids as passionate about life and the outdoors as I was at there age.


If you ever need a hand or have a questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.
All the best,

Dave Asprey


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