Back packs for girls, what to look for when purchasing

Back packs for girls, what to look for when purchasing



Okay, so you have decided to head out to the nearest camping store to purchase your first back pack. Perhaps it’s because all your friends have taken up bush walking for a hobbie or you’re getting serious about having the right back pack to bug out with. What ever the reason, buying a back pack should be exciting and fun.

When you first walk into some of these camping outlets, you are confronted with a huge variety of bags. All sorts of colors and styles, hanging on a wall that seems to endlessly span the entire length of the shop. Which one should I choose you may ask yourself?

To make matters worse the guy from the store asks a bunch of questions that you have absolutely no idea what he’s talking about. Scratching your head you decide to pick the one that’s pink and head to the checkout. But when it comes to using it you realize it’s far to large and uncomfortable.

Buying on line can sometimes be just as confusing. If your anything like me, you may feel that you need to see and touch the item before making a purchase. Making sure that it has all the necessary details you will need

Before we head out and spend all our hard-earned cash on the first thing we see, lets consider some frequently asked questions, that women may have when looking for back packs for girls.


There’s one definite must a backpack should always have tons of organization. Most top brands on the market, now design their bags with storage in mind. However, there’s still numerous products out there that don’t deliver in this area.

Things to look out for are

  • Top lid converts to a day pack
  • Duel side mesh pockets
  • Zippered hip belt pockets
  • Stretch mesh front panel pocket
  • Ice tool loops with bungee tie offs
  • External hydration sleeve
  • Full body main compartment opening for easy unloading
  • Weather shield pockets
  • Bottle holster for one handed access when your on the go

I don’t know about you but there’s nothing worse than looking for your toothbrush, and remembering that it’s somewhere down near the bottom of your backpack. Digging your way through to the bottom of your bag trying to find it is really annoying. Its awesome to have the perfect pocket for all your toiletries that you can easily unzip, taking it with you to the nearest water hole or shower.

At the top of the list, the first must have is an assessable pocket where you can easily grab for your first aid pouch. I have known of people who have stumbled and fallen when hiking. Injuries can happen quickly when out hiking, so you must have a location on your backpack that you can reach at to get your first aid quickly.

A pocket for food and water, needs to be in a spot where you can access easily. However, you don’t want your water canteen to be in the blazing sun whilst you walk, so a well ventilated cool area of your pack is the best place for it.

When on a hike I always find myself reaching for something to nibble on for energy, so the last thing I want to be doing is taking my pack off every time I want a drink or something to eat.

When talking recently with some mates and their partners, we got onto the subject whether a back pack needs to look good or not. Does it need to look like it’s in fashion? The guys in the group just laughed and pretty much said that if it functions for all my needs when hiking we are happy.

But is this the case for the girls out there?

When asking this question to the hiking loving girls out there, they all said they wanted to look good whilst hiking with there packs. They want it to perform and function properly, but also having all the nice bells and whistles we see on most top brands now.

Back in the old days most back packs were mostly in drab color. Beige and brown or off yellow and green. But nowadays you can get any color under the sun. You can bling yourself out looking like a queen of the catwalk or camouflage yourself with all the colors in the world.


Size of your pack does matter

When looking to purchase your back pack, you will need to consider the size. There are many shapes and sizes out there that cater for all types of applications.

  • Things to think about are
  • Your height and weight
  • Duration of hiking
  • Comfortability
  • Will it carry all my items
  • Does it break down into separate compartments
  • Do the straps support the size of my pack when full
  • Does it provides a good back support

Looking back over a few of my hiking trips, I now know exactly what type of pack will suit and exactly what I will want. This comes with time and experience so don’t get frustrated that you pack the wrong things in the wrong locations at first. Just try to get out there with your pack on as soon and often as you can.

When I walked for 10 days to base camp Mt Everest, I was so glad at the end of the day, that I could put my bag down knowing that all my items were in locations that I could get to easily. When your exhausted and stuffed from walking up stairs and boulders all day, the last thing you want to be doing is pulling out all your contents to find that tin sardines for dinner.

Durability and material

When you find yourself embarking a hiking trip, your back pack will be exposed to all the elements. One minute you can find yourself walking with the sun shining on your back, and then next minute it can be raining cats and dogs with gale force winds blowing in your face. Make sure your pack comes with a rain cover to keep it all dry.


The other things to consider is how will your pack stand up to transportation and storage. There’s some great sturdy materials now that offer great bag durability. Take it from me, you will need a good strong pack if your planning on traveling oversees, especially in 3rd world countries.

Are we there yet?

Here’s a list of what I recommend having a look at. Some of these packs do cater more for men, but some of the ladies out there are fitter and stronger than some of the guys making some of these packs ideal

  1. Osprey Atmos (click here check out my review)
  2. Gregory Response Baltoro
  3. Arcteryx Bora AR 63
  4. Lowe Alpine Cerro Torre
  5. Osprey Aether AG
  6. Arcteryx Altra 65
  7. Granite Gear Crown 60
  8. Osprey Xenith 75
  9. Deuter Act Light 50
  10. Granite Gear Nimbus Trace
  11. The North Face Banchee 65
  12. Mountain Hardwear Ozonic
  13. Patagonia Ascensionist 40
  14. Kelty Coyote 65
  15. Flex Capacitor 40-60

Hope this helps and any questions just drop a line below



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  1. Wow, great in depth information about Backpacks. It makes sense. My teens go through so many backpacks, and I know they pick them for all the wrong reasons (looks) instead of purpose. I agree with you completely on getting a great one that allows you to organize your belongings effectively and this way, you easily find what you need. Great post!

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