Best Bug Out Locations

Best Bug Out Locations

Natural disasters can happen very quickly and without warning. Have you been taken by surprise and been affected by a natural disaster in your area? Fortunately most of us haven’t. But does this mean that we can switch off to the possibility that it could happen to us or our loved ones.

Imagine this scenario.

It’s 9am in the morning, John had already completed half of his mornings to do list, working steadily and feeling quite happy with how the morning had just cruised along.

He had shared a few lighthearted jokes with work colleagues about the weekend and now he started heading over to the lunch room for his coffee break.

Johns phone starts vibrating in his pocket and he grabs it and puts it to his ear. On Johns wife’s first couple of words, his heart sinks. It’s fire John! It’s fire she screams.

John left the house reluctantly this particular morning. After having breakfast he kissed his wife and kids goodbye and gave the dog a quick pat. As he walked out to the car parked in the street, John noticed a faint smell of smoke in the air and a haze out in the distance.

There’s lots of bush land surrounding his home and the threat of bush fires has been very real, particularly this year. It’s a hot day already, and the wind has picked up. It’s been a very hot dry summer with little rainfall over the past couple of years, and John thinks about how low his water tanks must be.

There has been quite a bit of talk among the neighbors and the local news articles have spoken extensively about fire prevention. Fire can engulf a house within minutes in the right conditions they continue to warn. He thinks to himself that this is certainly the right conditions for bush fire

Over the past month John has thought serious above what he’s heard from the local fire authorities and he feels he has taken all the necessary precautions. John turns around takes and quick look at his house and instantly feels a sense of relief.

Recently he installed a sprinkler system around the perimeter of the roof. He also recently cleared a large section of trees that were hanging close to the house. He placed two good quality water pumps close by, with many meters of hose allowing him access to water from his swimming pool.

John had talked extensively and planned an escape route and to bug out location with his family, so they now know how to get away safe in the event of a bush fire. Most importantly the go bags are hanging within grabbing distance near the front door.

John feels satisfied that he’s done all he could to safeguard his family. He starts the car engine and begins to make his way to work.

What’s the best Bug Out Location?

Whether your single, married couple or have a family, bugging out requires the same principles. The best Bug Out Locations would depend on where your live and these locations need to be well-thought-out beforehand and must provide the best safety for your and your family.

These locations should also be well stocked with water, food, clothing and first aid supplies for your and family members. A good Bug Out Location would also need to keep your dry and warm, offering good security.

When considering the best to bug out location for yourself, your need to think about everything your take for granted (water, gas, services transport etc.) These will most likely come to a grinding halt.

For example if your choose to just stay put in your home in a disaster, your need to stock up on things that your will need-

  • Fuel
  • Food with long shelf life
  • Drinking water
  • Gas for cooking
  • Medical supplies

In some situations for a variety of reasons, we may not get the chance to make it to our Bug Out Location, this is why its vital that your and each family member has a Bug Out Bag. These should be easy asses sable near the exit point of your home. I have a family Bug Out Bag always in my car just in case.

The best Bug Out Locations for your to consider may be-

  • Your home
  • Emergency shelters
  • Friends and family homes
  • Pre chosen destination
  • Bush location
  • Boat or yacht

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During the Bug Out

Acting quickly will definitely be the key when faced with the decision to leave your home to make way to your to bug out location. John in the outset had taken all necessary steps to get his family prepared. But he now faced the dilemma of getting himself back to his family and to their to bug out location. But he knew even if he wasn’t able to get there straight away, he had a bug out bag in the car and he knew that his family knew what to do in his absence

Getting to your to bug out location needs to be done with organization and calmness. Children can pick up on a panicked parent so keep calm. You would be surprised how strong children can be in these types of situations. We agreed memorising a few of our favorite songs would boost our spirits when confronted with a disaster. We can sing these on the way to our bug out location if need be

You must practice getting to your to bug out location on a regular basis. This will help everyone involved to get their safely and come what may can survive. Keep comfortable once their attending to any important concerns.

After the disaster

Avoiding decease and danger will be of most importance when living at your to bug out location. This is where the wheels can fall off if people are left idle. Your location needs to feel like your home environment.

Things to consider are-

  • Keep lookout for danger and be prepared for intruders
  • Keep conditions sanitary
  • Properly cook food and drink only filtrated water.
  • Use protective equipment when working to reduce any injuries such as broken bones etc.
  • Keep up a good routine

If your choose to have any strangers stay at your location with your, make sure they know all the rules regarding what’s required of each member. You and family members are your first priority in this situation

If all hell breaks loose

Some disasters may lead into an absolute collapse within society. Past natural and man-made disasters have shown us how society can break down within hours. Take cyclone Katrina for example, their was mass looting and violence


If your decide to stay put in a disaster, make sure your have a good to bug out bag on standby. Learn and practice some good defensive moves and have options that would be handy to safeguard you and family members. Be prepared to stay longer than expected if their was a total system collapse after a disaster.

In the times we are living in we must now prepare for all most any types of disaster scenarios, such as-

  • Nuclear weapons
  • Decease outbreak
  • War
  • Collapse of economy
  • Population disturbances and riots
  • Chemical weapons
  • Robot uprising

It’s good now to arm yourself with knowledge on how to survive off the grid. Some things your can do now are-

  • How to make a bush shelter
  • How to naturally filtrate water,
  • Growing food
  • Hunting for meat
  • Nutrition, fitness
  • Different techniques on bush and urban survival
  • Bush tools
  • Smoking food
  • Fixing power equipment

Your on the right track

Reading this and content similar your are making the right decision by arming yourself with the necessary information you are going to need in a disaster. Continue learning and involve your whole family through discussion and practice, keep it fun and engaging.

Thanks for reading my post and any questions please leave a comment below




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  1. What an AMAZING and simple guide for people like me who have no idea what the wilderness offers with zero success rate on my camping missions. At least I know that acting quickly is a good idea rather than panicking and losing my train of thought. I’ll be surprised if my children can actually keep calm in a situation like this. However, you seem like an expert so I’ll take your word for it. I may have to do some rehearsals with them so they know what to expect. Thanks a bunch for this wonderful article.

    1. Hi there Brandon
      Thank you for your positive feedback on my article. Im sure with a little knowledge and practice, you and your children would be fine if you needed to evacuate due to a disaster.
      All the best with your preparation and rehearsal’s
      Kind regards

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