Best waterproof hiking shoes

Best waterproof hiking shoes

I’m doing a review today on the Salomon hiking shoe range and I think this will blow you away! Well not literally blow you away, unless you were standing inside a hurricane, tornado or typhoon. Haha, Let’s get started!

The Salomon hiking shoe is best worn for hiking purposes. However walking the red carpet, black tie event or romantic walks on the beach have been successfully done in the Salomon shoe range. Many hard ass bearded men (and not so much hard ass bearded women) have worn these on many top-notch occasions. They can look very classy or rugged, depending on what your wearing I guess.

Warning: Not suggested wearing these on your wedding day, as this could end in divorce soon after

These shoes have super strong speed laces with a slide toggle, that can have you out of your tent on the trail in record time. No more having to bend over with your heavy pack on, to adjust loose or undone shoe laces.

The shoe is as tough as nails! However, I do not suggest you stand on literal nails, as these will surely go through the shoe and into your foot. This would hurt you!

As you walk along in these shoes you will notice they are quite ballsy. They resemble a pair of Michelin tiers on a 50 tonne bulldozer. The tread however is not made from tires but a high grade rubber that offers good high arch support

Other people who spend less on their hiking shoes would feel a little behind the 8 ball when matched with the Salomon shoe range. Over longer hikes these preform heaps better than other brands on the market. When hiking up and down slopes or jumping between rocks and logs, there will definitely be no issues.

A hiking buddy of mine recently noticed that I was wearing a pair of Salomons and commented that they look absolutely bullet proof. I agreed that they certainly do, but warned him that they haven’t been tested yet by bullets at a shooting-range and that he should not shoot himself in the foot when wearing them.

The color schemes are a game over for Salomon shoe range and would suit many tastes and styles.

If you were ever to find yourself in a pickle whilst you were wearing a pair of Salomons, you could quite easily out run the problem. Just pretend for a moment you were sun baking down the beach and noticed that a tsunami was raging towards you. If given enough warning one could definitely out run it in a pair of Salomons.

This is because the shoe performs like a runner and is designed to fit tight and snug just like a track and field shoe.

You may be opening a can of worms when purchasing a pair of Salomons though, because all your mates will be highly envious of you. They will think that you have landed into some cash from an inheritance or something and start expecting you to shout beers for everyone down the local pub.

So maybe it’s a good idea that you wear these perhaps when you’re out hiking by yourself or partner

These shoes are almost 100% waterproof which is very good news if you are planning on jumping some puddles or walking in the rain. However, I suggest that you don’t walk in water any deeper than the start of the laces. If the water lever rises above the start of the laces/ Tongue area, your precious dry socks will get moist and possibly wet.

The Salomom range is designed to offer the user maximum comfort and support. The company has definitely put a lot of thought into how the shoe breathes, because Let’s face it nobody likes a smelly foot when one kicks off their shoes. Lots of holes located in different area’s means a cooler foot and better smelling hiker.

In my opinion the Salomon range is a good shoe to purchase and would last for many years of abuse.

Let me know what you think of the Salomon range and if you are a user, how they have worked for you

Leave comments below and I will get back to you ASAP

Keep safe



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6 Replies to “Best waterproof hiking shoes”

  1. I think everyone should have at least one pair of waterproof boots or shoes with aggressive soles! You never know what circumstance you will find yourself in and need the versatility ! 

    I really liked the Quest 4D boots best ! I am a hunter and a boot like this is a great asset in the mountains where I live ! 

    I have this bookmarked! I might have to come back and pick these up! I need to make sure they come in my size !



    1. Thanks Mike for your reply. Being a hunter, you would definitely appreciate a good strong boot. 

      All the best and take care 



  2. Plenty of people forget to think about these things and disaster survival in general until it’s too late even though it should be common sense. It was interesting to gain insight in the area of hiking because I’m from Florida where all I know is hurricanes. I definitely learned a lot and will be able to take this insight to others who may need it. Great read!

    1. Thanks Ryan. 

      Hurricane’s are definitely not fun when you are caught in one. Great to see the hurricane season has finished now. You had a few close calls this year though.

      All the best and sorry for the late reply. 



  3. So, I live in Arizona and we don’t get a whole lot of rain typically, but the winter is our rainy season.  I have been looking for some new trail shoes for the desert hikes, and I am really interested in water proofing this time around.  One of my favorite times to go for a hike is when it’s raining.  There are beautiful river beds that are normally dry, but are running with water.  Sorry, I digress.  I have my eye on the Merrell Moab 2.  Merrell has been making quality outdoor footwear for a long time and I have owned a pair in the past.  Do you have any idea if these tend to run narrow?  I am prone to a more narrow shoe.  

    1. Hi there Steve. Sorry for the late reply, I temporarily lost your comment. 

      The best times times to hike I reckon is when its raining. You get to see beautiful waterfalls and creeks coming to life which attracts birds and other animals.

      In the past I have had really comfortable shoes to hike in, however they haven’t been waterproof. What I done to waterproof them were to take a candle and rub the wax all over your shoes. It won’t look to pretty at first! Then grab yourself a hair dryer and melt the wax, filling any holes. This will give your shoes a protective layer keeping your socks dry.

      Im pretty sure Merrell Moab do narrow design. 

      All the best Steve



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