Bush shelter, Great idea to bug out in

Bush shelter, Great idea to bug out in


OK we have put together our go bags and quite proud of ourselves. Now comes the decision of what location we intend to bug out to. Making a beeline for the forest, woods or bush land could be a good option as it offers safety and protection.

A basic bush shelter may keep you warm and dry for weeks at a time, in the event of a natural or man made disaster. Choosing the right area and knowing what bush shelter to build can sometimes be a challenge for some people.

A pre selected area

You have decided to head to the hills in the event of a disaster. Now what? You need to map out a route you intend to go arriving at your destination.

A Google search of your intended destination should give you a detailed description of roads, train lines, tracks and paths you can travel along.

Also you can get in touch with local authorities to get your hands on a few topographic maps. These are great as you have a hard copy of the area you are intending to head to. Digital details and instructions could be lost due to battery life of the device or damage due to rain etc.

Picking the perfect spot

Once you have chosen the route to your destination and practiced getting there by a few different ways and methods, its time to pick the perfect spot to build yourself a shelter.

Choosing the ideal spot would depend on a few different factors such as-

  • Summer or winter
  • Bushland or forest
  • Flat or mountainous terrain
  • Types of wildlife in the area

For example:

Theres been a magnitude 8.5 earthquake in the city you live. Theres mass confusion amongst the population and violence and looting are starting to take place. On top of this a tsunami warning has been issued to hit within a hour.

Its winter, cold and raining. You have practiced your escape route to your bug out location many times. Once your on your way you notice that all public transport and services are totally stopped. You choose to ride your bicycle to your location as all the roads are destroyed.

You are confident that all is going to be ok because you have previously built yourself a shelter at your bug out spot. Its in a isolated area out of sight from other people. You have stocked it well with water and canned food.

Your shelter has been built by sturdy materials keeping you safe and protected from the elements

When choosing the site for your shelter, consider the following-

  • Do I need to build my shelter high and off the ground
  • Whats my options for building materials
  • Whats the best foundation to build off (sand, rock, snow etc.)

Bears, tigers and snakes are just a few animals that can kill you pretty quickly, so take this into account

What materials can I use?

There’re many types of shelters that we can build to keep us safe and protected. When building a bush shelter I keep in mind

  • What resources I have at my disposal
  • what hazards do I need to avoid
  • What offers the best protection

This allows me then to choose a suitable site in which I can go about construction of my bug out shelter

If my shelter location site was near a river I might use river stone in the construction. Long straight trees with forks at the end, can be used to make a frame work of your shelter. Mud and clay can be used to make bricks and tiles. Logs from large trees can be stacked together to form walls and floor beams. palm, fern leaves and grass can be thatched together to make a roof.

Regular visits to your bug out location will familiarize you with your surroundings.

Expanding on your knowledge

Reading books and watching tutorials on building and basic construction, will help you to understand what methods will work. Enrolling yourself in a building course is always a great way to learn, also meeting people with similar interests can expand on your knowledge.

Thanks for reading my post and any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below




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4 Replies to “Bush shelter, Great idea to bug out in”

  1. That’s great advice to plan different routes to your bug out spot.

    How long would it roughly take to create one of these sites? Also, wouldn’t it be best to be completely sheltered at these sites rather than having bare walls?

    I feel that being totally enclosed will make me feel more safer.

    1. Hi there Owain
      Sorry for the late reply
      I have built a few sites of varying sizes in the past, but you could easily have a enclosed shelter built over a weekend. Just would depend on how much time you wanted to invest in it and if you had help.
      Im putting together a few different plans and construction methods, in building a shelter in a up coming post. Ill let you know once its up on my site
      Thanks Owain and all the best

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