Camping survival equipment

Camping survival equipment

If a natural disaster were to strike our area and we are left under prepared for it, what would be a key piece of equipment that could be vital to our survival? Can you think of at least one thing you couldn’t live without?

There are many things we could stuff into our bug out bag when putting them together that we may think we might need in a survival scenario. The last thing we would want to be doing is grabbing things last minute when fleeing our homes, that’s a sure way that we could lose our life

But when reviewing the items we are using to build our bug out bags the question arises. Would these items prove to be beneficial when enduring such a scenario?

Considering this question I thought a review on a vital piece of equipment was needed in order to survive a natural disaster

This is my camping survival equipment post on a Crank radio/torch battery bank. I definitely think all bug out bags need one, and Ive researched where to buy it at the cheapest price

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Keeping informed through the media and having a power supply is key

Many items found in a bug out bag would prove to be very useful and handy in a survival situation. After this type of event we would want to be as comfortable as possible for any extended period. Some items that are in my bug out bag are

  1. Good quality first aid kit
  2. Water purifier
  3. High grade multi tool
  4. Mag light torch (Medium size)
  5. Portable camp stove and gas cylinder
  6. Hunting knife

One piece of equipment that I personally think is an absolute is a crank radio/ battery bank. With this piece of cool technology I can keep all my devices charged up and I can remain connected to the outside world through the different radio station broadcasts

Why would I want to tune into radio station broadcasts up you may ask?

After a disaster happens, news of the event will be circulating throughout different news stations with up to date information on what has occurred. In all the different effected areas we can learn of places to avoid, loss of life and where the disaster shelters have been erected. If you are needing to make important decisions on your plans for survival, this information could prove to be life saving to you and your family

Why would it be helpful to have a battery bank for all my devices?

We all store sensitive information now on our devices. We access bank accounts, read emails and social media etc. Now days if we want to learn some new piece of information or learn a new skill, we head over to YouTube, and can watch hundreds of video’s on any given subject.

Just imagine if my device had downloaded videos on survival techniques that I could watch to refresh my memory if need be after a disaster has occurred. Some stored information could be


  • How to administer first aid and basic surgical procedures,
  • How to build a bush shelter
  • How to start a fire by friction
  • Where to look for food
  • How to find medicinal plants and use extract there properties
  • How to trap animals for food
  • DIY protection from bush materials

Also having all our documentation stored on our devices would be very helpful if we needed to show authorities birth/marriage certificates etc. Its very important to have a printed copy of these in a waterproof zip lock bag just in case your devices are damaged

Accessing power to charge your devices might be harder than you think

Can you imagine what it would be like in a disaster shelter. I remember the images we were shown on television from disasters such as Katrina, Sandy and Irma. They looked as though things were very dire and levels of sanitation and comfort ability were very poor. I reckon if these levels were low, power supply would be scarce.

I don’t know about you but I would not want to be hanging around in one of these shelters for an extended length of time even if I had suffered a bad injury. If sterilization of floors, toilets and surfaces were nonexistent, infection and disease would grow rampant

I remember watching the movie Impossible staring Naomi Watts, on the true account on the Boxing day tsunami that devastated Thailand. Here she goes through the harrowing experience of enduring this disaster and being separated from her husband and children. She also had suffered extreme cuts to the back of her leg that eventually needed antibiotics and surgery.

Only in life or death situation like this, would be the only time I would be entering a hospital to get expert attention in a disaster of this magnitude. This is why now I try to gain knowledge on things that could save my life now and I view having a stored area on my device for this type of information is vital

Thanks for reading and please any questions or comments leave them below and I will endeavour to respond ASAP

Keep safe








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