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Make Ninja Star-The Right Way

Make Ninja Star-The Right Way

Make ninja star the right way

I remember when I was young around 10 or 11 years of age, my Dad would have this great big old work bench in his garage with all sorts of tools placed on top of it. He had draws and shelves of all kinds of drills, saws, grinders and welding equipment.

He would encourage me to make things with these tools, seeing what I could come up with. Dad wasn’t one of those parents that would be terrified if I turned on and squeezed the trigger of a drop saw or belt sander. Hahaha, I’m looking at my fingers now whilst I type this, wondering how on earth I still have some of them There were a few near misses back then.

He would show me first how it was done then patiently leave me to it, watching me of course. I would spend most of my weekends riding my bicycle down the local saw mill, asking if I could have some of the old saw blades that were laying around. One of the workers there cut an old band saw blade up into about 10 pieces for me, this lasted me for years.


Metal working is not only for old dudes

There’s something about working with metal that’s really cool. I mean when you put the grinder to the metal it sparks. When you start heating and tempering the metal, it turns an awesome red and orange. You can bend it, bang it into shape, cut it and make it turn into some really amazing objects.

Making knives and sharp objects weren’t the only things that interested me. At a young age, my old man was into restoring old cars and motor bikes. He would be forever grinding and replacing rusted out areas of the car. Heating and banging out dented areas and sanding back the filler. His garage was full of engine parts, chrome and the smell of fresh paint. Up on the walls were pictures of Harley Davidson’s, chopped Chevy s and naked girls. I guess it was a real mans cave, not the ones you see these days.

As my Dad was working on his craft, I would be at the bench sander or grinder fashioning up new master pieces. Long bladed hunting knives, pocket knives, arrow tips for my bow, spears and ninja stars were what I was into. Plenty of fun things to do in that old garage


My favorite though was making a ninja star

When I was younger, I remembered seeing a movie starring Bruce Lee. He was using these cool looking shaped objects to take down his attackers. He would throw these with pin point accuracy, inflicting a fatal blow that would leave the attacker fatally injured.

I thought WOW, what are these?

So I immediately went to work my old man’s garage. I was fortunate as a kid that I had the access to all these tools

Making a throwing star wasn’t as easy as making knives. They had many edges and points that needed to be perfectly balanced and shaped as the other points. It was also a little more technical to make, needing more time and patience than other projects. Also, they needed to look cool like the ones I saw Bruce Lee using.

My first few that I made were pretty average to say the least. They weren’t sharp, the points were dull and they were unbalanced. When I threw them at a target, they didn’t fly well and would rarely stick into the target


Where to access tools if you don’t have any?

If you don’t have access to some tools you might need, you can always- (for kids with parents permission of course)

  • Garage sales. Garage sales often have old tools for sale.
  • second hand shops. These sometimes have cheap old but good quality tools for sale.
  • Ask a neighbor if they have any old tools you can use. Old guys usually have a garage full of old tools. They probably would only be too happy to help you out, and just maybe re spark their imagination and want to help you out
  • Do some odd jobs around your neighborhood for the exchange for tools. Make yourself up a flier indicating that you weed gardens, clean out gutters etc

How to start?

Tools you will want are

  • Scissors
  • Black marker
  • Access to the internet and printer
  • Angle grinder or hack saw
  • Bench sander or file
  • Calliper to scribe out a line on all your edges
  • Drill press or hand held power drill
  • Drill bits
  • Hole punch
  • Glue
  • Black spray paint

To start with you will need to draw yourself up a template. You can do this by heading over to Adobe Illustrator and make a template their. Or you could down load a template off the net. There are lots of templates you can choose from so go for it and make a cool design

Once you have the template in your hand you will to grab yourself a pair of scissors and cut it out.



When choosing the metal to use, you will want to pick something that’s already been hardened. I use old saw blades from a circular saw or large band saw blades from local saw mills. Using these old blades will take out the need to harden the metal, if you were to buy the metal new. (Harding metal is another blog post all together and I will be adding one to this website shortly)

Glue your template to your metal work piece and wait for it to dry.

Find yourself a good solid work bench and grab your self a G clamp. (I will be adding shortly a post on building your own work bench) Clamp your metal down and clamp it tight so it doesn’t move.



Either using an angle grinder or if your feeling extra energetic, you can use a hack saw. Start cutting a rough outline of your ninja star. Cut close to the line but be careful not to cut inside the line. You want to be careful also of any jagged edges that could cut your fingers.

Grab yourself a center punch and punch mark all the spots where the drill piece will be going.

With either a bench drill press or a hand held power drill, drill out your hole’s. Start with a small drill piece, then increase the hole’s diameter by increasing the diameter of your drill bit.



Scribing a center line on the edges can be difficult and care needs to be taken here. A caliper that can run across the surface of your work piece whilst a scriber can scribe a line straight and true on the edge is what you need. Use a sharpie pen to blacken the edges before this step, as you will be able to see the scribe lines better when you’re sanding your edges into blades.

Now comes the fun part

If you have the use of a bench sander this will make life a whole heap easier. If not, you can always use a hand file. This will take a lot more time and effort however. To keep your work from over heating through the sanding process, dip it into a jar of water from time to time.

After you have been sanding the edges for a while you will notice that a rough sharp surface may appear on the top and bottom sides of the work piece. Clean this up by sanding the top and bottom surfaces.

Making a jig to fasten to your ninja star can make things easier when beveling your edges. A jig can be a simple design that allows you to hold the work piece at different angles while sanding. The jig needs to be a flat palm sized piece of metal with drill hole’s located on it.



These drill hole’s need to be made, lining up with the hole’s on the work piece. One hole on the jig would align up with the center hole on the work piece and another hole on the gig would align up with the outside hole on the work piece. Using small nut and bolts you fasten the gig to the work piece, allowing for easier working movement for the sander.

When you are happy with the way it looks and it flies good, give it a spray with black spray paint. This will finish it off, giving it the Bruce Lee effect

A finished masterpiece

Making all sorts of cool blades, arrow tips and throwing stars can be made easily with the use of modern day tools. Experiment around using different metals and tools when building some of these projects and have fun. Remember to be careful when using any power tools and that you have supervision if you are younger.

(Ask an older person if you are struggling with any of these steps)

Hope you enjoyed this post and please leave any comments below


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Rip current safety

Rip current safety

Rip current safety

There are some stunning beaches located all around the world and where I live here in Australia going to the beach is a pastime that lots of people enjoy on a regular basis. Do you live near the beach? If you do you will know what I mean. Surfing and body surfing are popular forms of exercise and common throughout the summer periods seeing up to 5000 people at once at a single beach alone.

Beaches such as Bondi and Kirra can be a lifesavers worst nightmare over these popular periods with many rescues taking place many times in a single day. Rip current safety should be something everyone should know about when entering the water at their favorite beach stretces all around the world

Lots of overseas traveler’s die by drowning all across Australian beaches every year.

In Australia, someone dies in a rip every 2-3 days on average. Most of the thousands of rescues that take place are related to rips. It takes only a minute to drown so its very important that we can spot a rip.

When we travel to the beach for a swim, the best place to do this is between the flags. These flags are red and yellow and are located close to the shore line. These flagged zones are patrolled by experienced life guards. They look and help swimmers to stay safe when swimming. When swimming between the flags, it will take a lot of the guess work out of finding a rip as the life guards have already located the safe swimming zones

Out of the 11,000 beaches that located in Australia, only 3% are patrolled by surf life savers. Australia has many beaches that are not patrolled, swimming at these beaches could be dangerous in the wrong conditions.

When surf scientists study rips they do so by using a colored dye method. They pour the colored dye into different area’s along the beach to discover how the rips are behaving. The dye will take the path of the rip and travel out to the back of the breaking waves. This allows the scientists to study exactly how rips work and pass this knowledge down to surf lifesavers. Most lifesavers however are experienced swimmers and surfers, having been swimming at beaches from a very early age.

Rips are not

  • A undertow. There’s no such thing as an undertow and a rip cannot pull you under. You have air in your lungs and you will stay buoyant in a rip if you do not panic
  • There’s no such thing as a rip tide. Rips are not tides but are currents that flow steady out to the back of the breaking waves, then finish just beyond the break
  • They won’t carry you to New Zealand or other parts of the world

Rips are strong narrow currents that flow from the shoreline, between the breaking waves and off shore. A rip is formed by all the breaking water that is being pushed in by all the breaking waves. All this water needs to go somewhere, so it follows a path in the deeper water back out off shore.

studying where the rips are from the beach is easy. Typically, they are located in either the middle of the beach or at either end of the beach. If the beach is a large stretch of coast line, there may be many fixed rips located at intervals along the beach

The best way to discover where the rip is located is to ask a beach life guard. However, if you are swimming at a non patrolled beach the best way is to look where the shallow breaking waves are and what’s the color of the water. Breaking waves will only break in shallow water and that would indicate that they are breaking on a sand bar. If the water is a deep green or dark blue color that has a very choppy surface, this would indicate a rip and you must avoid this.

Large breaking waves will break in deeper water and the sand bar could be located in deeper water, however all rips and waves behave in the same way despite the size of the surf.

Do’s when stuck in a rip

  • Most importantly don’t panic. A rip will run out to the back of the breaking waves, so if anything, swim with the current and towards the sandbar. If surfers are out the back of the breaking surf swim towards them and ask for assistance
  • Raise your hand if you are at a patrolled beach. Lifesavers are always scanning the swimmers from the beach and tower.
  • Don’t try to swim against a rip as most rips will flow faster than what a person can swim.

Always check where the rips are from a headland, if this is possible. This is an old trick that surfers use when checking where to surf. Surfers use these rips on occasions to help them reach the back of the waves faster, so rips can prove to be helpful in these circumstances. Checking the surf from higher areas will help you see where the darker water (rips) are forming

Not all rips are the same

Most rips are what’s called a fixed rip. These are when there are no shifting sand banks and the rip is almost a permanent fixture on the beach. However, these sand banks can change overnight due to bad weather etc. These fixed rips can last for days, weeks and even months.

There’s another type of rip that called a flash rip. This is where a large amount of water pours into the beach with a high amount of breaking water. These waves are called set waves and are larger than the other waves that are breaking. You might get 3-5 set waves in a group that push huge amounts of water into the beach. This water quickly wants to escape and does so by rushing back out to sea through the deeper water.

Other rips that form are headland rips. These are usually consistent features on the beach and are located on the points of the beach or headlands. These headlands have a rocky sandy bottom and rarely change in behaviour

The beach is fun but we need to stay safe

If you are planning on swimming at the beach, stay between the flags. Even if you are an experienced swimmer as this will help others that are not so much experienced follow the directions of swimming between the flags. If you are swimming at a non patrolled beach only do so if you are experienced and know all the do’s and dont’s of beach safety

Hope you have enjoyed my post on beach safety. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and I will endeavor to get back to you ASAP

Stay safe




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hiking and camping backpacks

hiking and camping backpacks

Hi there guys. Today we will be talking about hiking and camping backpacks

 What makes a good backpack

There are lots of backpacks on the market now that cater for all different types of applications. Backpacks that are designed to be carried short distances with little to carry, to the larger packs that you could carry your gear for months at a time.

Today there’s different colors you can choose from, helping you to stand out or to keep you in full camouflage if need be. Personally I tend to stick to a black or dark green pack as I want to stay within the colors of my surrounds. This is because when watching for wildlife, I don’t scare them off. However, there are some that like a colorful pack because if they get lost, they can easily be found.

Most packs now come with safety features such as an in built whistle. Pretty neat if you happen to be walking and fall off a ledge or get yourself lost. Most packs come with state of the art back support and comfortable waist straps. Inside there usually a water bladder and plenty of room for first aid kits, food and hiking equipment

==>Check out my Atmos hiking pack review<==

Are there a difference between gals and guys backpacks

There’s not a lot of difference between packs these days. Colours separate what the gals seem to choose over what the guys will gab. Girls tend to want heaps of inside storage space where a guy will want plenty of outside pockets and straps to hang things like axes, knives off

There are plenty of things to consider when you are choosing the right back pack. How long you are going to be away for, Your height, Your strength and endurance, What type of hiking or camping you are going to be doing

Some buy backpacks to use as there go bags. These packs are filled with the necessary items, if one had to flee there homes in the event of a disaster. These packs would be stored in the home or car and would be in an easily to grab area if they needed to go quickly. Plenty of disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires, tsunamis, floods, mudslides are on the increase, so ones are now seeing the need to have one of these packs on standby ready to go.

Is a backpack meant to hurt my back when walking

When walking with your pack, it’s going to feel a lot different walking with it when it is empty to when it is full. When choosing keep in mind what exactly you will be intending to do with it. Don’t get talked into by the store owner to buy the latest and most expensive on one the self. A backpack when full should feel like you have little weight to carry and should hug your back comfortably. There should be good air flow between your back and the bag, so you don’t get a wet pack, and your cloths don’t get to smelly.

Shops will try to sell you the most expensive bag so beware

Keep in mind storage, durability, colors and how the pack feels when choosing. The most expensive packs in store are usually sitting on the racks right in front of your eyes when looking. Do your research when you are thinking about choosing a pack and read as many reviews as you can on that particular item. One of your hiking buddies might have bought themselves a backpack wich they love, however will be no good for you.

Check out this post on essential survival equipment that could save your life in a disaster 

I love outside pockets and the detachable daypack

I always like to know what sort of daypack come with the larger backpacks. The day pack is designed to unzip from the larger pack and carry things such as a camera, water, food and small first aid pouch. These small day packs are great and many of the good brands out there offer this option with there packs.

Pockets are something that I love to have on my larger hiking pack. I like pockets that are deep and tight, as I don’t want anything to fall out along the way. Often you may need to jump a tree branch or hop between rocks, so I don’t want anything to fall out

Is my pack going to stay dry if it rains?

Another thing you will want to consider is if the backpack is waterproof and is going to hold up to whatever is thrown at it. Most backpacks come with an all weather pull over that is located usually at the bottom of the bag. If the rain starts to belt down and you need to take cover, at least you know that your bag and contents will remain dry.

There is nothing worse walking into camp when it’s almost dark, having a wet backpack. This is the time of day when you will want to kick off all those smelly cloths so you can wash, put on some dry cloths, set up your dry tent, start a fire with your dry matches etc. So choose a backpack that’s going to stay dry in the event of bad weather.


I have written a few posts now about the importance of choosing the right backpack for all types of applications. There are plenty of places you can go to review different applications and get all the information you will need. Check out my links to help you make the most informed choice and buying a backpack should be a fun experience.

When buying you don’t even have to go new. I have personally bought some of my packs from garage sales, eBay, community sell swap buy sites on Facebook etc. Some people buy and use once then want to sell them. So you could always pick up a good deal there

Thanks for reading my blog and please leave any comments below and I will get back to you ASAP

Stay safe




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Recent Earthquakes Alaska

Recent Earthquakes Alaska

One place that’s being hammered by earthquakes in the last 12 months is Alaska. Recent earthquakes Alaska has had to endure, hasn’t been easy. The people who live there are over the tremors to say the least! The people have had wave after wave of smaller and larger, bone shaking earthquakes in previous months.

Fears about a catastrophic earthquake to shake all cities located around the Ring Of Fire to the ground

In the first days of January Alaska soar close to 100 earthquakes in total. 6 of theses were a magnitude 4.5 and higher which is quite extraordinary. Alaska is situated high up on the globe and is a state of the USA. Its north-western location runs very close to the words biggest fault line, The Ring Of Fire.

16 earthquakes measuring 4.5 and above have occurred in a space of 48 hours along the hugely volatile ring of fire on a single day followed by 53 the following day. This is a huge amount of activity and alot larger of what we have seen in the past. Even though the western coast of California didn’t see any significant activity on these days.

Lots of discussion about what this could mean for people who live on the fault line

Conspiracy theorist’s and scientists are sending chat rooms into meltdown, as they are predicting and warning that it’s just a matter of time before we see an earthquake that packs so much force, it will kill millions. Some are suggesting that these earthquakes that we are seeing in New Zealand, Indonesia, Japan, Venezuela, Fiji, Bolivia are only the tip of the iceberg.

Scientists say California is in an earthquake drought as a 7.0 magnitude hasn’t occurred for a long time

California hasn’t seen any major events for quite some time so should we be concerned? In 1906 a huge earthquake ripped San Francisco apart killing 3000 people. Definitely California shows all the signs that it has been ravaged in the past by moving fault lines. The land scape surrounding San Francisco is scared with deep cuts in the earths surface where the land has pulled away and torn its self in two.

Can earthquakes be predicted?

With all the technology scientists have at their finger tips, they still can’t predict when an earthquake will occur. When an earthquake happens, it’s hard to pinpoint if it’s a single earthquake or a pre shock before a larger one.

What Alaska is enduring at the moment is a series of many smaller shocks, then the odd bigger one measuring over 4.5 comes barreling through. Not a nice feeling!

A girl I know lives and works in Anchorage and grew up in Alaska. She has told me that many of the buildings have broken apart and have suffered damage after the barrage of earthquakes they have had. Her building were she lives, has been weakened structurally and may need to be take it down. This is happening all around Anchorage as roads, schools, houses and buildings have been effected

It must be quite terrifying for all people living in Anchorage as thousands of earthquakes have been registered since the big one occurred on November 30th 2018. This registered as a magnitude 7.0 which is considered large. In fact as I write this post, an earthquake has happened in Alaska just now, measuring as a category 5.0. So as it appears there seems to be no let up for the people of Alaska

Conspiracy theorists, scientists and disaster watchers all point to a massive major event to hit California, as the Cascadia subduction is ready to pop like a compressed spring

All this activity around the Ring Of Fire in the past days and months is a conspiracy theorists and scientists dream. Many go years or even decades without seeing the activity we are seeing here on a daily basis.

They believe that these series of earthquakes is the start of the lead up to the big-one. The big one that they are pointing to is the location around the Californian Coast. This fault line is called the San Andreas. They reckon this fault line has been sleeping for far to long and is ready to wake up

A over due earthquake has been talked about for a long time in the scientific circles for this area of California. A magnitude 9 or greater here could see tremendous damage and the death toll could be in the millions.

Get your bud-out bags ready

I have extensively written about bug-out bags and how to build one for yourself and family. ==>Click here to see<==

The ring of fire What is it?

The ring of fire is were two large tectonic (earths crust) plates meet. The heavier plates push under the lighter ones causing subductions and deep trenches in the ocean floor. There continually pushing and grinding at each other, fighting for space and room. The tectonic plates resemble a big jigsaw puzzle when looking at them from a map.

About 90% of all earthquakes happen around the fringes of the Pacific Ocean and has of all the active volcanos on earth. The plates are not connected or fixed together but float on top of whats called the mantle (molten rock). Often these plates collide or over time under huge amounts of pressure, let go.

These two plates (one being the Pacific plate) circles the Pacific Ocean from New Zealand up past Japan, over to Alaska and down past the western coast of California to the tip of south America. Spreading out along this fault line is 452 volcanoes that produce high seismic activity, are extremely volatile and unpredictable in nature.

What ever the case maybe we need to prepare now for the unknown.

The best way to avoid an earthquake is not to live on or near a major fault line. Many of our fault lines are pretty harmless and may never pose any threat to us, however we shouldn’t become complacent and pretend it won’t happen to me. That’s how people get killed in a disaster. Its when people are dont see the urgency of what can happen.

If it’s not earthquake, it can quite easily be something else of an equal serious nature. Hurricanes, tornadoes, bush and wild fires, floods, heatwaves, drought, ice and snow storms, tsunamis and then also man made disasters do happen and happen without warming

Keep safe everyone and prepare now before it’s to late

Remember to write a comment below to tell me your thoughts and concerns




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how to prepare for a disaster in the home FIRE

how to prepare for a disaster in the home FIRE


A house fire is one of the most common disasters to occur in the home. Thousands die every year in the United States alone. Sadly this is a number that can be greatly reduced by drawing up and becoming familiar with a fire evacuation plan. How to prepare for a disaster in the home should be on everybody’s priority list as it could save you and your family.

Evacuation plan

Keep calm and try not to panic (I know easier said than done)

Its of vital importance that you have a escape plan in place, in order for you and your family to survive a house fire. You should regularly go through the actions with your family, on how you would escape your home if its on fire. You should have all the details down in writing and a diagram drawn so you and your family can see it often.

I have a diagam of our house floor plan hung up in our pantry where the kids can see it. In the diagram I have counted steps from bedrooms to the exit points in the house. We regularly practice this with the lights off walking then crawling to exit.

In a house fire there’s a big chance that smoke will be everywhere so you need to know your home layout blindfolded, so you dont get disoriented in you cant see.

Stay away from fabrics

In the event of a house fire you want to stay down and close of the floor as you make your way to the exit points. Smoke rises and this smoke contains toxic gasses from synthetic fabrics, paints etc.

If you find that the heat is intense, it would be wise to remove any clothing thats synthetic. If you have time replace your clothing with woolen garments. Synthetic clothing can stick to your skin and create burns that are far more severe. Fabrics around the home will go up in flames much quicker that other house hold objects.

What if you cant get out

If you cant exit the building for any reason, it may be a good option to stay put. Dont open any doors and try to cover or block up any cracks. put towels, clothes, blankets whatever you can find to fill any gaps. A fire will gain momentum fast if exposed to  oxygen. The fire will suck in oxygen from anywhere it can, so keep doors and windows shut until help arrives.

Call for help if your trapped on the upper floor

If you are on a high upper level call out to passerbys for help. Use your phone to call for emergency assistance and wait calmly until help arrives. Have any fire extinguisher’s there with you if possible.

If your not to far from the ground escape through the window

If you are on the first floor you can simply climb out of the window and jump to the ground.  If you are on the 2nd floor you may opt to dangle down from a window ledge to swing down to the ground from.

Remember that if you leave a window open for too long the oxygen will fuel the fire. If you make the decision to escape through a open window then commit quickly.

Keep rope ladders on the top floors

In a few different locations on your upper floors, have rope ladders stored. Make this a area easy to locate by all the family. If a fire occurs you can dangle these from balconies or window ledges. This will make for a easy escape for all the family

Leave your house immediately after you hear your smoke alarms

Where most people die in a house fire is when they delay in gathering photos, clothes, documents etc. As soon as you hear your alarms go off, make a inspection that it is definitely a fire and if it is, take immediate action.

Wake up all people and hurry to the exit points. Any pets can be taken along with exiting. All of you should be fully up to speed with the evacuation plan, even small children.

Don’t assume everyone is following you to the exit. Gather everyone in the house and be the last person to leave. This insures that small children, elderly ones get to safety

Doors can serve as a protection

Doors can be a great protection in the event of a house fire. But remember to keep them closed if flames are in the opposite room. If you are not sure where the fire is located, touch the handle of the door or the door itself.

If it’s hot to touch don’t open the door as flames will certainly be on the other side. Also if smoke is billowing from under the door this is another indication that there’s flames on the other side

Have a smoke respirator on stand by

Smoke is definitely the number 1 thing that kills most people in a house fire. Within 5 minutes toxic gas and smoke would render a person that has suffered from smoke interrelation unconsciousness. Brain damage would soon result if exposed to longer periods and probably death.

Have a smoke respirator on hand in a few different locations in the house that you can grab in a emergency. Failing this you can use a large plastic bottle, empty it and cut the bottom off. Cut it so it molds around your face in a slopping direction. Place a wet spong in the neck of the bottle and put it to your face. This will cut out most of the deadly gas and smoke

Take your fire plan seriously

Fire in the home is something that we all need to take very seriously. Way too many die in homes due to fire and sadly alot are children. Parents need to be diligent in taking this topic very serious and need to put a real plan in place.

Any questions regarding fire evacuation plans or help putting one together, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Are there any other things I forgot to mention here? Let me know in the comments below

Stay safe




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escape submerged vehicle in less than a minute

escape submerged vehicle in less than a minute


Escape submerged vehicle in less than a minute! Experts suggest this tactic if your car happens to find itself sinking into the watery deep. But what if you throw a few logistical nightmares into the mix such as children or elderly people? Could you save everyone involved?

Bad driving got me thinking

Recently my family and I were driving along the Great Ocean Road in the very beautiful state of Victoria Australia. This is a very scenic road that whines itself along the coast for hundreds of kilometers. Its spectacular driving this road because often in sections the road actually goes out above the water, giving the driver and passengers a view of the crashing waves below.

Many overseas tourists come to drive this road at all times of the year and it’s often the busiest throughout the summer period. Super bikes, Harleys, European sports cars, Hot rods, muscle cars and retro vintage cars all take advantage of what this road has to offer. Many beaches, restaurants and cafes are jammed packed and you can’t get a car spot for miles.

A lot of tourists come out here from countries where you drive on the right side of the road, not like here in Australia where you drive on the left. This adds to a lot of confusion and often you will see head on accidents along this stretch of road

Whilst driving taking in the view, I made mention to my wife that driving this road this time of year is quite dangerous. She nodded her head and said that its pretty nuts. Many drivers were swerving all over the place, uncertain whether they had to stay on the left or right side of the road. Nuts alright!

My oldest son happened to say, I hope they don’t drive off the road into the ocean below. Wow! I thought. Imagine that I said, that could be a real disaster if they didn’t know how to escape.

This got me thinking and we started talking about it for the remainder of the drive

How do you escape from a sinking car?

Experts say that as soon as the car hits the water and settles, this is the exact time you should unbuckle your seat belt, wind down the window and climb out. This is great if you have a crank winding handle, but what if you have powered windows? Most car manufacturers guarantee that all car circuitry will work for 10 minutes in a submerged situation.

That’s great but what if the powered windows fail and don’t go down?

Smashing your side window is your best option. The front windscreen is made from toughened composite glass and it won’t break no matter how hard you thump on it. Using a hammer or pointed heavy steel type object (hammer) is recommended in assisting you with breaking it. Failing you don’t have a hammer in the car you can use your elbow to break it. Failing your elbow is not up for the job you can use the pointed steel parts from your head rest, whacking this on the glass instead

Remember when the glass breaks, clear away all the glass from the door frame so it doesn’t cut you.

Failing you have children in the car, what do I do?

Unbuckle your seat belt first, then work unbuckling the oldest through to the youngest. This is so that the older children can assist you if need be with the younger children. Have the windows already wound down and start exiting your children from the car, oldest to youngest. Hopefully the water hasn’t breached the windows at this point, but if it is starts to pouring in keep your calm. (Easier said than done I know)

Elderly or in firmed people would need the most help, but help them after the children have vacated the car. If their are any older children perhaps in their teens, they can assist you with this.

Windows didn’t break or go down. What to do now?


If the windows didn’t break or go down when you tried, your best option now is just let the car sink down to the bottom and settle. You will still be able to breathe for a considerable amount of time as the water won’t pour in fast at first. Don’t try to open the doors until the car has completely come to rest on the bottom and the water level is up around your chin. The inside pressure of the car and the outside pressure will now allow you to open your doors.

Take the last remaining bit of air taking a deep breath. Have all the children copy you and talk through what they need to do as the water is coming in and rising. Once the water has completely filled the car open the doors and swim out. Failing you are disoriented and don’t know where’s up, follow the air bubbles to the surface.

If their are any still in the car, take a deep breath and swim down pulling them out.

People would be swimming over to you by now and on the scene assisting. A car leaving the road and floating on the surface of the water is not something you see every day, so people will be only too happy to help


This is quite a scary scenario and is probably making your hands sweaty at just the thought of it. (I know it made my hands a little). Go through this scenario with your family, and being prepared will definitely help if this was to ever happen

Just try not to find yourself in your car out in deep water, that’s my best tip

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog

What do you think? Can any other suggestions be added?

Love to hear your thoughts and leave a comment below

All the best and stay safe




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Latest Earthquakes

Latest Earthquakes


Plenty of earthquake activity is taking place around the globe and it doesn’t seem to be easing up.

Have you been effected by this increase of tectonic movement that all the experts seem to be raving on about?

This increase in activity could be an indication that a massive one is just around the corner around the highly volatile Ring Of Fire. Scientists for the past decade have been saying that California is well over due for a big one. An earthquake with a magnitude of 8 or higher along the San Andreas fault would see many people in danger and there would be a large loss of life

Just like the Hollywood blockbusters that depicts building’s crashing to the ground or massive tsunamis enveloping entire cities, we are constantly being exposed to footage of the effects of natural disasters and the vulnerability that people find themselves in after one takes place

How do I avoid earthquakes?

Cities now are more populated than ever. Anchorage, in Alaska just recently went through a series of earthquakes that busted up roads, building’s and parkland. But Alaska has always been rocked by earthquake’s and according to the long term residents, rumbling and shaking of the ground happens all the time

If you want to avoid earthquakes, move to areas that are nowhere near a fault line or a history of such disasters

Japan has always had consistent seismic movement because of its location to the Ring Of Fire. The deep ocean trenches such as the Mariana trench, are evidence of the grinding tectonic plates that smash themselves together forming huge deep valleys on the ocean floor. These trenches are also home to many hundreds of active volcanoes indicating the volatile nature of The Ring Of Fire

This Ring Of Fire horse shoes its way up from New Zealand, fringing the eastern coast of Japan, turning its way over to Alaska, then down through the western coast of California, finishing up off the S/Western coastline of South America

New Zealand has copped its fair share of destabilization from tectonic movement over the years. Christchurch is still rebuilding after a big one hit a few years back. Footage showed people running for their lives as buildings crashed and ground split underneath them.

And we can never forget Japan’s earthquake that sent a tsunami barreling its way through villages, swamping everything in its path. Scary footage indeed

Large dormant volcanoes that could come to life at any time, dot all over the place around the northern part of the Ring Of Fire making many people uneasy with uncertainty

Yellow Stone national park could blow its top at any stage making this place a volcanologists paradise

Have I made your palms sweaty yet?

Yes a large percentage of the world’s population live on highly volatile fault lines. That is why when a large scale earthquake occurs, they tend to happen in these densely populated areas and tragically loss of life happens

Earthquakes fire off all the time but occur deep down near the earths core. The earths tectonic plates are continually moving and nobody can predict when pressure is going to be released from any one of these.

For example scientific experts say that the San Andrea’s fault must be under extreme pressure and ready to let go at any time. But simply no one knows. It could continue to stay that way for another 50 years

Plenty of action happening deep down

Many earthquakes happen with us not feeling anything at all. They usually occur deep down beneath the ocean floor and go undetected by people on land. Scientists have detectors that can pick up the lowest of vibrations. The earth undergoes thousands of earthquakes per day, but most are in the low magnitude scale and are not felt by humans

But occasionally an earthquake happens close to the earths surface, and this is where it becomes dangerous and the loss of human life can take place

A decade of large earthquakes

Most of the latest earthquakes we have seen, have been some of the biggest in history. Here’s a list of a few earthquakes that may come to mind

Chiapas Mexico, 2017 Magnitude 8.2

Ecuador 2016 April 16 Magnitude 7.8

Chile 2015 September 16 Magnitude 8.3

Nepal 2015 April 25 Magnitude 7.8

China, 2014 August 3 Magnitude 6.5

Pakistan 2013 September 24 Magnitude 7.7

These earthquakes killed many hundreds of people and there was no warning that one was about to strike.

What do I do in an earthquake?

Many people don’t know what to do in an earthquake and this is where people die.

Gaining knowledge now on how to prepare for an earthquake and what to do when in an earthquake is vital for survival.

Loss of life usually occurs because things fall on people due to the shaking and swaying. Anything that can topple over such as, large pot plants, statues, furniture, large paintings on walls etc. These items can sometimes be very heavy and can crush someone in an instant.

When you feel the beginnings of an earthquake, quickly make your way under a solid object. Desks or large tables are good choices to seek refuge. Put your hands over the top of your head to stop any falling glass landing on you. Try to wrap some material around your nose and mouth such as a hat, scarf, shirt, jumper, handkerchief etc. This will prevent any dust filling your lungs.

Taking cover underneath solid objects would stop any plaster falling on you from walls and ceilings and hopefully give you protection if the building was to collapse.

When the chaos stops

If you can make your way quickly and safely to an exit do so. This is not the time to linger around to check out what’s just happened, snap some selfies on your smartphone and upload them to Instagram. Get yourself to the street as quickly as possible then take all the pictures you want.

Always know where the exit doors are when you are at any location and always carry on you documentation of who you are.

Earthquakes can devastate places and lives in an instant so educate yourself now on survival techniques by visiting my other posts on survival techniques in a disaster

Do you agree with what I have written about here? I would love to hear your feedback on this post.

I will endeavor to respond back to you ASAP

Stay safe



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Get Me Out Of Here

Get Me Out Of Here

Natural disasters seem to be on the rise and people all around the world are being effected by them on a daily basis.

Should we be alarmed or continue to stick our heads in the sand and pretend it’s never going to happen to me. Have you or somebody you know been effected by natural disasters?

When one finds themselves in a situation like this the first thing they may scream is


Whether it’s a hurricane, earthquake, wildfire, tsunami, flood, landslide, typhoon, tornado, erupting volcano that may affect us, we need to take certain measures now to help us survive.

Yes, unforeseen occurrences can happen to any one of us, but should that stop us from setting aside time to plan and think about this? Our very lives could depend on it

Get yourself out of the path of calamity

When the authorities warn of an impending hurricane, flood etc. It would be wise to heed the directions given and get yourself to safety or higher ground. Houses, cars are not worth risking your life for and many people have paid the ultimate price for staying put to try to save a possession.

You can rebuild a house but you can’t obtain a new life if you die.

For some people, choosing to live in a location that is low risk is an option worth considering.

One authority said that disaster risk is geographically highly concentrated. A very small portion of the earth’s surface contains most of the risk and most future large-scale disasters will occur in these areas.

If you happen to live in a low-lying coastal town or on a fault line this may be true. If you can move to areas that are safer, then you are lowering your risk of being hurt or killed in the event of a disaster

A action plan is of vital importance

You may have taken all the precautions in the world and still find yourself on the receiving end of a disaster.

Coping with the after effects of a tragedy may be easier if you plan in advance. Knowing that you did everything possible to keep yourself and your family safe will be a comfort if things got bad.

Always know your surroundings

If you find yourself on a daily basis in areas that are crowded and busy, it would be good to stay focused on your surroundings and staying alert to escape routes or emergency exits if a stressful situation were to take place.

Some people I know avoid places that have high concentrations of people. Large office floors, big shopping centers, busy cities etc. They get pail at the thought of being anywhere near any of these and avoid them like the plague

There’s so many scenarios we could discuss at length here, but its up to you to plan and think about what you intend to do if you got caught up in an emergency situation?


All go-bags should contain the following items

  • First aid supplies
  • Bottled water
  • Non perishable food
  • Important documents

It’s always best to get the family involved to discuss what disasters could affect us in our area. Review the requirements of each family member and prepare for them if they are not able to do so.

Building a bug-out bag with the kids can be fun, so get them involved. Talk though the different items within their bags and have them using their items so that they become familiar with them



When adversity comes knocking at the door, how will we hold up?

Planning for the unknown and hardships of the aftermath of a disaster now when times are good, will help us greatly in times of distress.

Plan and act now before it’s to late

Thank you for reading my post and make sure to leave a comment below and I will endeavor to get back to you ASAP

Cheers and stay safe



Some of you know now, that I have been making a passive income online from blogging. I have taken some of my favourite hobbies and turned them into money making websites. I have only one platform to thank and that is Wealthy Affiliate. Before becoming a member with them, I knew absolutely nothing about Affiliate marketing and its potential. If you want to check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate click






Best waterproof hiking shoes

Best waterproof hiking shoes

I’m doing a review today on the Salomon hiking shoe range and I think this will blow you away! Well not literally blow you away, unless you were standing inside a hurricane, tornado or typhoon. Haha, Let’s get started!

The Salomon hiking shoe is best worn for hiking purposes. However walking the red carpet, black tie event or romantic walks on the beach have been successfully done in the Salomon shoe range. Many hard ass bearded men (and not so much hard ass bearded women) have worn these on many top-notch occasions. They can look very classy or rugged, depending on what your wearing I guess.

Warning: Not suggested wearing these on your wedding day, as this could end in divorce soon after

These shoes have super strong speed laces with a slide toggle, that can have you out of your tent on the trail in record time. No more having to bend over with your heavy pack on, to adjust loose or undone shoe laces.

The shoe is as tough as nails! However, I do not suggest you stand on literal nails, as these will surely go through the shoe and into your foot. This would hurt you!

As you walk along in these shoes you will notice they are quite ballsy. They resemble a pair of Michelin tiers on a 50 tonne bulldozer. The tread however is not made from tires but a high grade rubber that offers good high arch support

Other people who spend less on their hiking shoes would feel a little behind the 8 ball when matched with the Salomon shoe range. Over longer hikes these preform heaps better than other brands on the market. When hiking up and down slopes or jumping between rocks and logs, there will definitely be no issues.

A hiking buddy of mine recently noticed that I was wearing a pair of Salomons and commented that they look absolutely bullet proof. I agreed that they certainly do, but warned him that they haven’t been tested yet by bullets at a shooting-range and that he should not shoot himself in the foot when wearing them.

The color schemes are a game over for Salomon shoe range and would suit many tastes and styles.

If you were ever to find yourself in a pickle whilst you were wearing a pair of Salomons, you could quite easily out run the problem. Just pretend for a moment you were sun baking down the beach and noticed that a tsunami was raging towards you. If given enough warning one could definitely out run it in a pair of Salomons.

This is because the shoe performs like a runner and is designed to fit tight and snug just like a track and field shoe.

You may be opening a can of worms when purchasing a pair of Salomons though, because all your mates will be highly envious of you. They will think that you have landed into some cash from an inheritance or something and start expecting you to shout beers for everyone down the local pub.

So maybe it’s a good idea that you wear these perhaps when you’re out hiking by yourself or partner

These shoes are almost 100% waterproof which is very good news if you are planning on jumping some puddles or walking in the rain. However, I suggest that you don’t walk in water any deeper than the start of the laces. If the water lever rises above the start of the laces/ Tongue area, your precious dry socks will get moist and possibly wet.

The Salomom range is designed to offer the user maximum comfort and support. The company has definitely put a lot of thought into how the shoe breathes, because Let’s face it nobody likes a smelly foot when one kicks off their shoes. Lots of holes located in different area’s means a cooler foot and better smelling hiker.

In my opinion the Salomon range is a good shoe to purchase and would last for many years of abuse.

Let me know what you think of the Salomon range and if you are a user, how they have worked for you

Leave comments below and I will get back to you ASAP

Keep safe



Some of you know now, that I have been making a passive income online from blogging. I have taken some of my favourite hobbies and turned them into money making websites. I have only one platform to thank and that is Wealthy Affiliate. Before becoming a member with them, I knew absolutely nothing about Affiliate marketing and its potential. If you want to check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate click






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