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Best waterproof hiking shoes

Best waterproof hiking shoes

I’m doing a review today on the Salomon hiking shoe range and I think this will blow you away! Well not literally blow you away, unless you were standing inside a hurricane, tornado or typhoon. Haha, Let’s get started!

The Salomon hiking shoe is best worn for hiking purposes. However walking the red carpet, black tie event or romantic walks on the beach have been successfully done in the Salomon shoe range. Many hard ass bearded men (and not so much hard ass bearded women) have worn these on many top-notch occasions. They can look very classy or rugged, depending on what your wearing I guess.

Warning: Not suggested wearing these on your wedding day, as this could end in divorce soon after

These shoes have super strong speed laces with a slide toggle, that can have you out of your tent on the trail in record time. No more having to bend over with your heavy pack on, to adjust loose or undone shoe laces.

The shoe is as tough as nails! However, I do not suggest you stand on literal nails, as these will surely go through the shoe and into your foot. This would hurt you!

As you walk along in these shoes you will notice they are quite ballsy. They resemble a pair of Michelin tiers on a 50 tonne bulldozer. The tread however is not made from tires but a high grade rubber that offers good high arch support

Other people who spend less on their hiking shoes would feel a little behind the 8 ball when matched with the Salomon shoe range. Over longer hikes these preform heaps better than other brands on the market. When hiking up and down slopes or jumping between rocks and logs, there will definitely be no issues.

A hiking buddy of mine recently noticed that I was wearing a pair of Salomons and commented that they look absolutely bullet proof. I agreed that they certainly do, but warned him that they haven’t been tested yet by bullets at a shooting-range and that he should not shoot himself in the foot when wearing them.

The color schemes are a game over for Salomon shoe range and would suit many tastes and styles.

If you were ever to find yourself in a pickle whilst you were wearing a pair of Salomons, you could quite easily out run the problem. Just pretend for a moment you were sun baking down the beach and noticed that a tsunami was raging towards you. If given enough warning one could definitely out run it in a pair of Salomons.

This is because the shoe performs like a runner and is designed to fit tight and snug just like a track and field shoe.

You may be opening a can of worms when purchasing a pair of Salomons though, because all your mates will be highly envious of you. They will think that you have landed into some cash from an inheritance or something and start expecting you to shout beers for everyone down the local pub.

So maybe it’s a good idea that you wear these perhaps when you’re out hiking by yourself or partner

These shoes are almost 100% waterproof which is very good news if you are planning on jumping some puddles or walking in the rain. However, I suggest that you don’t walk in water any deeper than the start of the laces. If the water lever rises above the start of the laces/ Tongue area, your precious dry socks will get moist and possibly wet.

The Salomom range is designed to offer the user maximum comfort and support. The company has definitely put a lot of thought into how the shoe breathes, because Let’s face it nobody likes a smelly foot when one kicks off their shoes. Lots of holes located in different area’s means a cooler foot and better smelling hiker.

In my opinion the Salomon range is a good shoe to purchase and would last for many years of abuse.

Let me know what you think of the Salomon range and if you are a user, how they have worked for you

Leave comments below and I will get back to you ASAP

Keep safe






Survival Scenario Exercise

Survival Scenario Exercise

Having good fitness in the event of a disaster will help us endure and survive. Whether it’s a natural or man made disaster that we find staring down, having a good survival scenario exercise plan in place will definitely give you the tools needed to mentally and physically prepare and survive.

What’s the point! I would probably die anyway

You may question whether fitness is needed in a survival situation and that it’s pointless. You may reason that unforeseen circumstances could befall us in a disaster, and even having the best of fitness wouldn’t help us survive.

But what if we happen to survive? You could find yourself in any number of different situations needing your strength and stamina.

To physically not prepare for a disaster could be fatal

We have all heard of the stories of survivors who had to fight to stay alive after a disaster. Whether it’s been an earthquake or a rescue out at sea, many survivors later say that if they weren’t physically and mentally strong enough they would have died

Yes you can still have a good chance of survival if you are unfit, but the chances of your survival after a disaster could be decreased.

Training in the mornings is always the best time to do it.

When you have been sleeping all night in a nice comfy bed, the last thing you may not want to be doing is getting up and hitting the pavement.

But this is the best time to do it for a number of reasons

  1. Getting it over and done
  2. Weight loss
  3. Focused mindset for the rest of the day

Someone can maintain good fitness in a variety of ways by using what’s on hand around the home or walking tracks or pathways nearby.

Having a good routine at some point of the day when you can set aside 60 minutes for exercise will definitely have positive effects on your mind and body

I find that as soon as I wake up exercise is best done on an empty stomach. This is because we are clear and focused from a good night’s sleep and once we begin to exercise our body will get it’s energy from your fat stores.

I typically start the day off by

  • Walking briskly for 15 minutes
  • Do a combination of different weight training exercises for 30 minutes
  • Cool down spin bike for 15 minutes

You can have good physical fitness by setting aside 60 minutes a day

Home workout and survival mode training

A disaster could call on us to put our bodies to the test. Who knows what things and different scenarios we may face

We may need to walk a large distance to find help, lift wreckage to find survivors or maintain a positive mindset to help other survivors. So when we train for survival we must keep in mind the many scenarios we could find our selves in and train for those scenarios

Some areas I think are a must with any survival fitness routine are

  • Good core strength
  • Good leg strength
  • Good flexibility
  • Focused mindset

Exercises such as

  • Abdominal crunches
  • Planks
  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Chin ups
  • Bent over row
  • Dips
  • Push ups
  • Dead lifts
  • Stretching
  • Meditation
  • Jogging

Having a daily routine combining these exercises with a healthy diet, will give you the strength and focus needed for any disaster that may come your way

Disaster + fitness = survival

I have reaped the benefits of having good health and fitness for many years now. I have seen the importance of keeping a good routine in place and have passed this knowledge down to my wife and kids

If a disaster were to occur and have immediate effects on us, I’m confident that having a measure of fitness will keep us safe and alive. I don’t know if I could be separated from my family because of circumstances. But I’m put at ease knowing that they are mentally and physically prepared if a disaster was to strike

People are rewarded in public for what they practice for years in private

History has shown in the past that after a natural disaster, crime and violence are sure to fill the gap. People will go to great lengths to get food and will often resort to stealing and violence to get what they need.

If we were lacking physically and mentally, how could we take care of ourselves and family in the chaos that can often proceed a disaster?

How you train now will show itself in the event of a disaster and will save your life

Train now! Get off the couch, put down the Netflix remote and get moving

Getting fit and healthy can be fun and exciting. If you have the right exercise routine in place and can exercise with a good friend or family member, exercise can become addictive.

Many chemicals are released from the brain when we exercise, and these chemicals are called endorphins. Dopamine is one of these feel good chemicals and is released through meditation and exercise.
Once you start seeing changes in your body, your thinking will change on how you view exercise and you will gain momentum. This momentum will be a key to your survival in a disaster

Small steps and remember, good physical fitness doesn’t happen overnight

Try to view any exercise and health routine in small steps. People tend to think that results should happen almost immediately and then they drop off, but just remember to be patient and show persistence and your hard efforts will pay off in time.

Clear focused mindset

But how important is it to make good clear decisions if you were caught up in a natural disaster?

It could definitely give you the edge over most people and help you make the best decisions to get you out of anything. This is why we need to work hard at all aspects of our body, to grow in a deeper awareness of ourselves. This will maximize our abilities if needed

Set aside if possible 10 minutes twice a day, doing some sort of meditation and breathing practice. When I do this, I try to find a quiet spot away from any noise. I breathe in for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds, let out for 5 seconds and hold for 5 seconds. I repeat this for 10 minutes, thinking of all the things I am grateful for in life

Sometimes it’s hard to put health and fitness first at the top of the priority list. Juggling home chores, working all week, being there for the kids, socializing etc. can take a toll on our bodies. Not to mention the part these things play out on stress and anxiety.

The professionals say that any new habit that you start needs to be carried out for at least 21 days for it to stick, so be prepared for this to be challenging for the first few weeks.

Remember, make sure before you take on any exercise program that you first consult with your doctor.


There are many simple things we can do at home to build up our strength, mindset and fitness. We have considered some exercises that can be simply done in a short amount of time. Its imperative that we put a plan of action in place now in order to survive a disaster

Thank you for reading my blog and please any questions feel free to leave it below in the comments

Be safe


How to survive the end of the world

How to survive the end of the world

Have you ever thought about what would happen if everything we know the world to be, was to shut down. Imagine that we could no longer obtain the things that we depend on each and every day.

Surviving the end of the world is on a lot of peoples minds as television shows, movies and YouTube clips on this topic is in demand. We now take many things for granted that make our lives very easy but what if overnight they were gone?

If we ponder long enough on this, we may start to realise that our money won’t save us if the economy goes belly up.

So what would keep us going and keep bread on the table if money no longer had any value? Could we survive? What things could we stock pile now that would help us barter for item’s and what skills could we acquire now that we could use in a post apocalyptic world?

We will consider what will have value and what won’t in this post

Gold and silver

People will revert back to gold and silver once money has lost its value. Looking look back in history you will discover that banks hold the upper hand when it comes to your money.

If the economy crashes, banks will pay back everyone at the top of the pyramid and then that money will gradually filtrate down to the bottom. So if you think you are safe having your money tied up in a bank, think again. History shows that banks can simply shut their doors

In recent times countries such as Venezuela have been suffering at the hands of government where corruption thrives. Inflation has been so high in this country, that a truckload of cash still wouldn’t buy your grocery shopping. Pretty frightening if you’re under prepared.

People are starting to invest their cash into gold and silver and putting it in a safe place (buried underground most of the time). There’s a lot of uncertainty in the stock market lately as you don’t have to look far to see gold rising and stocks starting to drop. This forecast is quite worrying as hesitation in the market could lead to an economic collapse.

Gold and silver won’t have value for to long after a post apocalyptic world. This is because you can’t eat gold and silver and it’s only use will be for utensils. Or in the case of silver its use could be for circuitry and technology after a long period of time

Some say gem stones are worth investing in and would be good to use as a bartering item, but not many people can determine what is a real stone from a fake. I think a lot of people will steer away from using gem stones to barter with

Vice products

Vice products will be the source of currency. Here in Australia you have what’s called the beer economy. When you carry out a job for a friend such as carpentry, plumbing etc. you get paid with a cartoon of beer. This seems to work very well with both parties are left happy




Cigarettes and cigars would be worth storing now and could be a great item to barter with in a cashless world. Having several boxes of cigarettes and cigars lying around will become very handy



After everyone breaks in and steals all the alcohol in the stores throughout the world and all of the good stuff has been consumed, people will desire a drink from time to time.

The problem with alcohol is that it’s big and bulky and takes up a large area of space. I suggest that you store spirits and not beers because you get more bang for your buck with spirits.

If you were the only man in your neighborhood that had bottles of single malt whiskey and over proof rum imagine how popular you would be. You would definitely need good security around your precious stash, from people wanting to steal it. (guard dog)



You will definitely be able to trade pills like currency in a post grid down situation. You can definitely bet your bottom dollar that you will be hard up even finding an aspirin. Painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen will be on high demand, as well as cough and cold remedies, and the list of medications for illnesses are endless.


In history, bullets have been used to trade. In the old west men would trade bullets for a drink of alcohol. I’m pretty sure that’s where the term shot glass came from. It was because you could trade a drink for a bullet.

Carrying guns would increase in a post apocalyptic world and that’s where if you have a stock pile of weapons and ammunition, you will be in hot demand. Personally I like crossbow’s and compound bows, as I can fashion my own arrows and have as many as I need on standby.



If people Required to get themselves going again in the garden they will want seeds. Having a well researched seed bank now will guarantee that you and your family can survive a time like this. If the government falls hard economically and can’t supply the people with food, seeds will be a good item for trading.

Coffee and tea

Coffee and tea products will be highly valuable and will be needed. Everywhere you go now people are drinking coffee and tea in the truck loads. Coffee will certainly be king



Having batteries properly packaged and stored also will be a great asset. However, batteries don’t store for a long period so you may want to come up with different methods of harnessing power. Solar power and wind turbines directing power back into batteries is a good option.

Spices, sugar and seasonings

Once upon a time pepper was worth its weight in gold literally!

  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Paprika
  • Fennel seeds
  • Cumin
  • Curry powder
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Ginger and garlic powder

These are just some off the items that will be in high demand and also they store for a long period.



Gasoline, butane, kerosene, oil, propane where are you going to get it?

Just sit and wait at any gas station long enough to see all the automobiles filling up. Stay long enough and you will notice fuel tankers off loading their supplies multiple times a day to keep these stations going.

Imagine the grinding halt that would occur if fuel supply stopped? Everything would stop. Hospitals, buses, trains, airplanes, cars, trucks, shopping centers, electricity companies, water supply and the list goes on and on


What skills can I offer to a post apocalyptic, cashless world?

The man or woman who

  • Brews the beer
  • Can pull out a sore tooth
  • Can cut and butcher meats
  • Can hunt game and catch fish
  • Can tan hide and make jerky
  • Can make clothes
  • Can make an ice cube (science)
  • Can craft using metal and wood
  • Can entertain people
  • Can treat illnesses naturally
  • Can grow food
  • Can generate power
  • Can make a coffee
  • Can make glass and pottery

And I could go on forever.


It’s never too late to learn some skill that our grandparents, grandparents used to know. You can find lots of classes on-line or in your area to learn some of these fazed out skills. Sometimes its just asking your old neighbor or perhaps your grandfather how things were done in the old days.

Pick up some books on different survival topics at your local library and educate yourself on these.

Start storing items that will be handy to have, for bartering purposes

Make for yourself a good preppers pantry to have all these organized and do a stock take on these items regularly to check for any spoiled items.

Thank you for reading my blog and I’m interested in what you thought.

Any questions please feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you ASAP



treatment for anxiety and panic attacks in or after a disaster

treatment for anxiety and panic attacks in or after a disaster

A disaster close to home

Back in 1989 on a beautiful Thursday afternoon, an earthquake struck Newcastle Australia, with a magnitude 5.6 on the Richter scale. People t the time all over the news coverage said it was a truly frightening experience, one that they will never forget.

This natural disaster killed 13 people and injured at least 160. The Newcastle earthquake at the time was rated Australia’s worst natural disaster in history, as the damage bill topped around 4 billion
I remember this day well because it happened all so fast. We only lived a short distance away from Newcastle where it the earthquake struck. I was 11 years of age and sitting on the lounge, watching a movie on television with a friend. All of a sudden I felt this vibration through the house. We both looked at each other in total amazement as the whole house moved and swayed like we were sitting in a house made of jelly.

We couldn’t believe what had just happened!

As the floor swayed around us, I remember a sound building up and intensifying almost becoming deafening. We rushed outside to see what was going on and to our surprise, all our neighbors were standing outside also.

As kids we didn’t exactly know what had just happened until later that day, we saw the coverage on the news that an earthquake had smashed buildings and devastated homes all throughout Newcastle.

Many weeks after the earthquake, many people were talking about the increasing feelings of anxiety and panic attacks.

The loss of life and all the damage to homes were all too much for some people. Many people thought that possibly another big earthquake could be on the horizon. An earthquake of this size was quite rare in Australia.

Anxiety and fear of the thought of a natural disaster

Do you get anxious and stressed at the thought of a natural disaster happening where you live? The people of Japan were all going about their business back in 2011 when the fatal and devastating magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck and then followed by a powerful tsunami. We all remember the footage of the massive wall of water enveloping everything in its path.

Should we live in fear that this could happen where we live?

Some countries live in constant fear that someday soon the location where they live could be devastated by a natural disaster. The majority of people who live in Japan, South America, New Zealand (to name a few) all know that at any moment a disaster could strike.

Scientists have long been saying that California is long over due for a massive quake, and that anything over a 9.0 magnitude would have devastating effects. This is quite scary as a quake of this magnitude and on this level of destruction would have massive negative implications on the economy, which could lead to massive population unrest.

Melt down mode

Back in 1997 a tragedy occurred in Australia at the ski village of Thredbo. In the late stages of the night in sub-zero temperatures a landslide occurred and destroyed two buildings killing 18 people. One of the survivors was a ski instructor named Stuart Diver. He endured 11 hours in the freezing cold under a slab of concrete, deep under the rubble with water flowing around him.

It was a truly magnificent show of human strength and courage by Stuart and the rescue team and the images that were seen across the world were etched in all our minds.

Later on some 15 years later I saw an interview on television with Stuart. He told the viewers of his personal melt down and struggle with depression, fear and panic attacks. He lives a constant reminder of how lucky he was to survive but the sorrow of losing the person he loved in the disaster that took place.

Learn meditation to calm your thoughts

Meditation is a process of calming your thoughts through breathing and thinking. If we learn how to do this now, we can control our emotions in any given circumstance. Meditation will lower your heart rate and clear your mind on the things you will be needing to do.

The word fear is broken down like this

F – forget

E – everything

A – and

R – run

Its amazing what the human body does when its faced with a fight or flight situation. Your body goes into hyper sensitive mode readying your body for acute awareness to take immediate action. The only thing is that these days people don’t know how to go back to normal when they are faced with a fearful situation.

Back in early human history, our ancestors had many stressful and sometimes life threatening things happen in a single day. Whether it was a Sabre tooth tiger running behind you or a wooly mammoth trying to eat you, your body would gear its self up for survival and operate very efficiently to survive. However, the body would recover its normal behavior a short time later until the next stressful situation.

Now if someone cuts us off on the freeway or bangs into our shopping trolley we straight away go into fight or flight mode, we find it hard to wind back down. This is because we live in a time when everything is so fast paced with a lot going on. This raised awareness of fight or flight many times throughout the day leads to massive amounts of stress and eventually this type of continual stress will give the body to all sorts of disease in the body.

When in fight or flight mode you will experience many changes in the body. Do you feel like this when your fearful or experiencing a panic attack?

  • Raised heart beat
  • Sweety and clammy with perspiration
  • Very acute awareness
  • Your mouth goes dry
  • Everything goes very loud


When reading about the many hardships people are facing all around the world due to going through natural disasters or perhaps their own personal disaster, we can take stock now to learn how to control our emotions so they don’t control us. Take time to learn how to meditate and you will see many benefits in a short period.

I have experienced both anxiety and panic attacks on and off throughout my life and only recently learned of the powerful effects of meditation. I know firsthand how debilitating these can be on everyday life, but there is a way out



hurricane survival kit checklist

hurricane survival kit checklist

We are once again heading for another hurricane season and already we are seeing some activity in the Atlantic Ocean. Are you currently experiencing the uncertainty of a hurricane building out at sea near to where you live? Do you have family that live in areas where hurricanes hit the most? Hurricanes can be extremely dangerous if you are underprepared

The thought of hurricanes coming within range of our homes, family and possibly destroying our home will always build a level of dread and anxiety inside us

A hurricane survival kit checklist is a must for any home before a hurricane hits with all its force.

Now is the time to read up on the area in which you live to find out any past history concerning natural disasters. These details could prove to be life saving as previous hurricanes give us a insight on what to expect and how to safeguard ourselves

If you have recently moved to a region where hurricanes hit, it would be wise to talk to as many locals as possible. You might learn of past experiences of how people prepared in the past and what are the best techniques to use to survive a hurricane.

Many people lose their lives because they are under prepared to handle the intensity of a large scale natural disaster so learn and prepare yourself now

Advanced Planning

Plan ahead.

Have a plan in place that gets you and your family to shelters safely and as quick as possible. Plan the route beforehand with the whole family, so everyone is clear on how to get there. Anticipate that roads could be blocked, so a alternative route is always a great idea. Have a plan B in place also in case the first plan fails. (Always have a plan B for everything)

A pre selected bug out location would be the best bet, already stocked with supplies.

Family members that are caring for elderly or who are disabled will need help and assistance in the event of a hurricane. It would be wise beforehand to contact the local authorities to be informed on what to do for these ones. All the information you can gather to help all family members cope though this traumatic event will prove to be invaluable.

Keeping children calm with games, headphones and music of their favourite bands/artists, will help them keep in a good frame of mind. Make sure any pets stay inside with you as they will be just as frightened and needing a safe place


Flood insurance

Get flood insurance if you don’t already have it and make sure you know all the details about the policy. Some insurance policies for flood damage need to be well read.  Some appear to look as though you are covered for everything but the small print may say otherwise.

Emergency supplies

Make sure you have already purchased or put together you 72hr emergency bug-out bag for yourself and family. Keep these bags stored in a high dry place near the exit points in you home and have one permanently in you car for the whole family.

If you have not done this, you must have at least

  • 72 hours of drinking water per person
  • 72 hours of non-perishable food that you don’t need to cook per person
  • First aid kit
  • flash light
  • All medications
  • Personal documentation
  • Batteries
  • Crank powered radio and battery bank for devices
  • Mobile phone and contact list
  • Turn you fridge to the coldest setting
  • Pet food
  • Fire kit
  • Cash and coins
  • Multi tool

Check out my post on survival must haves here

Batten down the hatches

Around your house you will need to place anything that can be blown away by the wind, inside. Batten down all windows and doors with thick marine plywood, screwed in place by the longest screws you can find.

Clean out any guttering around the roof line and clean out any down pipes. Trim any trees of dangerous branches and fill your car full of gas in case you need to evacuate. Shut off all electricity gas and water if you know how to or learn now the process to do it.

A hurricane warning will be issued over the radio within 36 hours of its landfall, so make sure you listen in for information.

Atlanta and central pacific Hurricane season starts from June 1st through to November 30th

Eastern pacific starts from May 15 through to November 30th

Where’s the safest place to be

If you live in a high rise building and are above the 10th floor you should evacuate. Everyone that lives on floors 1 and 2 should make plans with all occupants from floors 3 to 10 to bunker down on the lower levels.

A small team should be set up to organise for the care and safety of everyone.

Anyone that lives in a mobile home, flood plain or close to a river or major water-way should also evacuate because of storm surge

Riding out the storm

Just before the storm hits fill you bath tub full of water (this is not the time to take a bath) its for an extra supply for other things that may require extra water.

Unplug all electrical devices from the wall and turn off all propane tanks.

When the storm hits, stay away from any glass doors or windows. This is the time when people are injured, usually trying to take footage on their phones or cameras. If you want some footage of the hurricane, set up another phone that can record whilst your riding the storm out

Don’t use the land line telephone because it won’t work and move to the lowest level of the house. Any rooms that have concrete walls and ceilings are great to bunker in. If you happen to live on a boat, throw out multiple anchors, buffers and evacuate to somewhere safe.

Bunkering in a hallway or well-built closet is a good option and have plenty of thick soft pillows and blankets surrounding your body and head.

Monitor weather conditions on your radio and stay in your safe location until the authorities say it’s safe to leave. Have a place nearby that all family members will meet after the event just in case you are separated. Also again if separated, designate someone  who lives out of town that everyone can call to notify on their whereabouts and condition.

When the storm has abated and authorities have said it’s OK to venture outside, don’t turn on circuit breakers if the power is down. Wait for a certified technician to restore power.

If you smell gas leave immediately and if you see frayed wires or downed power lines keep well away until restored.

If indeed flood waters are surrounding your home, don’t venture inside until they have receded to a safe level. Don’t wade through flood waters and do so only if necessary.

Self defense

In and around you home, you must think of ways that you can protect yourself and family from people who may want to harm or steal from you. In the time of crisis their are always groups that will want to take advantage of the desperate situation by robbing or inflicting violence.

Have measures in place within your home to keep intruders out and if you need to evacuate yourself and family to the street, stay together and away from the main places of activity. I wouldn’t stay in relief shelters as this would be a haven for decease and unsavory conditions.


Keep well-informed when a hurricane is expected. You can remain totally safe throughout a hurricane if you take all the necessary precautions beforehand. Get yourself well-informed and stay safe

Please any questions you may have don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible


tactical survival thinking

tactical survival thinking

Even if you have no intention at all to know how to protect yourself, it may be wise to learn a few defensive moves to ward off an attacker if need be. Have you ever been in a situation that calls for you to defend yourself from a violent person? Thankfully most of us haven’t but does that mean that it could never happen?

Attacks are happening far more frequent with much more intensity than ever before. Whether you are young or old we could find ourselves on the receiving end of someones else’s violent behaviour

More and more now their seems to be violence filling the news columns. Innocent people minding their own business and then someone out of the blue attacks them for no reason at all. Young men and women are no longer safe out with friends at a party or gatherings. Older people are no longer safe inside their own homes as break ins are on the rise and parents live with the fear that their children could be abducted whilst walking home from school

We now live in a world that an attack can happen at any time and at any place. So what measures can we take to safe guard ourselves and our families, if we were to face a similar situation. I recently heard a friend say that these days you need to develop tactical thinking just to drive down to do the grocery shopping.

I think that all you need is to have a mindset that can flick into gear if need be to protect yourself. The key is knowing your surroundings and being alert to dangerous situations

There are a few simple things that we all can learn, that could stop an attacker from harming us despite their size or strength

Protecting Yourself from a group attack

Suppose one night you are walking home from a friends house late in the evening. You happen to walk pass a bus shelter on the opposite side off the road where their was a group of young men looking suspicious and carrying on loudly. You decide to put your head down, trying not to attract any attention from them.

Some distance later you hear footsteps coming up behind you. Turning your head to see who it is and notice its three of the guys from back at the bus shelter. They close the distance between you and them quite quickly and now they are right behind you. Turning to face them. The guy in the middle of the three starts pushing you around and accusing you of staring at them moments before. You have to act fast and so you decide to try to talk to them calmly whilst trying to keep a distance from them.

As you try to reason with them you notice that they are drunk and aggressive. They seem very committed to kicking your butt for no reason at all.

What do you do?

Talking your way out of this so far hasn’t worked so its time to think about plan b.

First need to know what our surroundings are before a situation like this occurs.

Whether we are standing in a bank line, sitting on a bus, walking with a friend to the mall. We need to be constantly alert to possible dangers. We need to stay alert to things that are happening around us all the time, because staying alert could save our lives. Always have in mind in any situation your in, how would I get myself out of here if I needed to?

Because of being alert you noticed from where the bus shelter was located to were you now stand, their were 4 possible safety locations.

  • There was a 24hr service station only 4 blocks back.
  • You know their’s a McDonalds only 3 blocks ahead.
  • You can see two men moving furniture into a house at the end of the street
  • There is a police station 5 minutes away if I run flat out

You run all these possible scenarios through your mind and decide to run the short distance ahead, where the men are moving the furniture and ask for help. All you need to do is put yourself in a position where you don’t get hit and make your escape

  • In a group attack you never want to be tackled or put to the ground. This is where you can get a kick to the head or groin.
  • You never want to stay static either, meaning if they are surrounding and advancing on you the focus in this situation is to try to manoeuvre around them so you can run.
  • Don’t stay still and always face them, moving backwards or side-wards talking to them trying to defuse the situation
  • Always try to put one of them in front of you as a pivot so the other two can’t attack from behind. Never have anyone behind you in a situation like this

Remember if you need to make the decision to hit first make it quick and hard. A hard punch to the sternum area, a kick to the groin will leave most attackers laying on the ground for a long time. This move may delay the chase from them once you make a run for it.

NOTE Unless you are a jujitsu Grand master, your best option in a group attack is always to get out of their as quick as possible and get yourself to a safe place. If you can talk your way out of a situation like this that is always best, but always be prepared to make a run for it

Protect yourself from a surprise attack

A lot of people these days get attacked now in broad daylight. People are now just too afraid to step in to defuse a situation fearing that if they do they may find themselves on the receiving end of a punch, kick or weapon. There have been plenty of good Samaritans in the past that have been killed trying to stop an act of violence on somebody innocent

Many attacks can happen by surprise and without warning. These days most attacks don’t always happen in lonely subway stations or secluded beach toilet blocks, but can happen on a busy footpath or even sitting in your car at a traffic light.

Some forms of defense items you can carry or wear on you can be

  • Sharp rings on fingers
  • Can of deodorant or pepper spray in your bag
  • Steel capped boots
  • Sharp pointed shoes
  • Stun gun
  • Small foldable stub knife that can be on a key ring or bracelet

Other things that will improve your chances of defending yourself from an attack is

  • Maintained good physical fitness
  • Learn some in close and long range fighting moves and regularly practice them


Hopefully you never have to confront an attacker but at least now you will know what you need to do in order to protect yourself and get to safety.

Please feel free to ask any questions below and I will get back to you ASAP.

Stay safe



Backyard vegetable garden tips

Backyard vegetable garden tips

All around the world for hundreds of years, back yard hobby farmers have been very successful in growing vegetables right in their own back yards. There are some varieties that grow great and produce a high yield in a short period.

Many types of greens, vine and root vegetables take on very well in all sorts of different areas and climates. Are you like the many thousands of well intended people that head to the back yard to put your hand to some vegetable gardening only to fail miserably?

Some of us have tried to grow our favorite vegetables out in the garden many times only to be saddened by the sight of seedlings that haven’t taken on or have died somehow by either too much sun, over fertilization or to harsh of conditions.

We often become inspired to start and grow a healthy productive crop, by either reading how easy it can be or hearing some experts explain the advantages of having your own vegetable garden. We head straight to the back yard with the vision of an overflowing vegetable garden producing us with a bountiful table of fresh greens and hearty root vegetables

But why is it that when we head to the garden to see the fruit-age of our labor we see a dust bowl? How can this be? Even school children out in the agriculture plot with the guidance of their teachers can grow veggies that would amaze the most seasoned growers.

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Beans #1 West

Back in the wild west the food was scarce and beans were on the menu. This is because beans were very adaptable to growing in harsh conditions and could be stored well after harvesting the crop. With the likes of John Wayne and Jesse James roaming the plains, their main food staple had to be cheap and able to be carried and stored in saddle bags for an extended period.

Remember Jack and the magic bean stalk? Well. Jacks bean stalk grew in an exceptionally fast period, and that goes for any beans that grow out in our back yard. They are hearty plants that offer plenty of nourishment and can be added into plant of dishes

Beans have a flexible growing range and can grow all year round in a sub tropical climate. Beans don’t take any nitrogen from the soil however they take it from the air making them take on in poor soil qualities. Once beans take on within the soil they grow in they store nitrogen in the roots, adding nitrogen to the soil. That’s why it is said that beans are a great pre-crop to other nitrogen dependent crops such as cabbages etc


Asian Greens #2 East

Fast growing and highly nutritious vegetable Asian greens are second on my list to grow in the garden. They can literally take on anywhere and are even found in the cracks of concrete if a plant is seeding nearby.

Asian greens are even though to be cancer fighting super foods from many in the alternative medicine scene. The properties found in many of these greens are found to support the re building and nourishment of good cells.


In Asia quite awhile back before over fishing and population was still low, people had a rich source of protein found in fish. But now days most Asian people need to source their protein from plants as animal protein’s are becoming a lot less accessible.

Raw or cooked Asian green taste great.

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Here’s a list of Asian greens you give a go at growing in your own back yard

  1. Yu Choy
  2. Water Spinach
  3. Tatsoi
  4. Snow Pea Leaves
  5. Napa Cabbage
  6. Mustard Greens
  7. Mizuna
  8. Malabar Spinach
  9. Kokabu Greens
  10. Fava Greens
  11. En Choy
  12. Daikon Greens
  13. Chrysanthemum Greens
  14. Chinese Celery
  15. Chinese Broccoli
  16. Bok Choy
  17. AA Choy

Middle East #3 Carrots = Delicious

Carrots a root vegetable comes in all different shapes and colors and date way back originating in Afghanistan. In the early days they were considered a medicinal food that was given when there was an illness or disease. The way carrots tasted back then weren’t to pleasant and not really put on the dinner table.

But now days with the aid of cross breading carrots are very tasty and are a compliment to many of salad or roast dinner. Today they are main orange but back in the old days purple, white and yellow. But does it really matter what color they are? All I know is that they are scrumptious steamed briefly and then roasted in the oven with honey on high heat for an hour or so. I also like to dust them before the oven process with some fennel seeds



#4 What did you say? Radish?? Yuck or yum??? Possibly originated in India

Radish plants will pop up and be ready for the table in no time at all. Some farmers plant radish seed with other seed knowing that they will at least have something to harvest whilst they wait for the other crop to take shape. Sometimes its used as a ground cover by farmers to keep the soil moist and protected for the lead up to planting seedlings




Types of radish for your garden

  1. Black radishes
  2. Daikon radishes
  3. French breakfast radishes
  4. Horseradish
  5. Round radishes
  6. Watermelon radish

All these grow exceptionally well in your veggie garden and well worth giving a go


Zucchini European staple

Originally came from the America’s Zucchini found its way to northern Italy. The Italians add it to almost everything that you can stuff in your mouth. It’s not a sprawler like the pumpkin vine and can be contained in a small garden bed.

This veggie is super easy to grow and even a novice can make success with this plant. The fruit on this plant can swell in a small amount of time and some say you can see it grow almost in real time.

Most zucchinis can grow 1 meter long and the record was grown at 2.55 meters long. Wow that’s a lot of salad!

Definitely give zucchini a go growing, you will definitely grow one of these as they are super easy. This will give you the confidence to put your hands to other fruits and vegetables.


Get your hands dirty out in the garden now and give it a go. Educate yourself as much as you can on all the different vegetables that you can grow and in what seasons. You will surely be successful at it if you read up on it.

If the grid went down tomorrow and the food shelves were depleted in your local shopping outlet how would you go at sourcing food for yourself and family? You would definitely have wished that you had grown your own food supply in the safety of your own garden







Camping survival equipment

Camping survival equipment




If a natural disaster were to strike our area and we are left under prepared for it, what would be a key piece of equipment that could be vital to our survival? Can you think of at least one thing you couldn’t live without?

There are many things we could stuff into our bug out bag when putting them together that we may think we might need in a survival scenario. The last thing we would want to be doing is grabbing things last minute when fleeing our homes, that’s a sure way that we could lose our life

But when reviewing the items we are using to build our bug out bags the question arises. Would these items prove to be beneficial when enduring such a scenario?

Considering this question I thought a review on a vital piece of equipment was needed in order to survive a natural disaster

This is my camping survival equipment post on a Crank radio/torch battery bank. I definitely think all bug out bags need one, and Ive researched where to buy it at the cheapest price

Best place to buy Amazon Click here to view the Eton FR 250

Keeping informed through the media and having a power supply is key

Many items found in a bug out bag would prove to be very useful and handy in a survival situation. After this type of event we would want to be as comfortable as possible for any extended period. Some items that are in my bug out bag are

  1. Good quality first aid kit
  2. Water purifier
  3. High grade multi tool
  4. Mag light torch (Medium size)
  5. Portable camp stove and gas cylinder
  6. Hunting knife

One piece of equipment that I personally think is an absolute is a crank radio/ battery bank. With this piece of cool technology I can keep all my devices charged up and I can remain connected to the outside world through the different radio station broadcasts

Why would I want to tune into radio station broadcasts up you may ask?

After a disaster happens, news of the event will be circulating throughout different news stations with up to date information on what has occurred. In all the different effected areas we can learn of places to avoid, loss of life and where the disaster shelters have been erected. If you are needing to make important decisions on your plans for survival, this information could prove to be life saving to you and your family

Why would it be helpful to have a battery bank for all my devices?

We all store sensitive information now on our devices. We access bank accounts, read emails and social media etc. Now days if we want to learn some new piece of information or learn a new skill, we head over to YouTube, and can watch hundreds of video’s on any given subject.

Just imagine if my device had downloaded videos on survival techniques that I could watch to refresh my memory if need be after a disaster has occurred. Some stored information could be


  • How to administer first aid and basic surgical procedures,
  • How to build a bush shelter
  • How to start a fire by friction
  • Where to look for food
  • How to find medicinal plants and use extract there properties
  • How to trap animals for food
  • DIY protection from bush materials

Also having all our documentation stored on our devices would be very helpful if we needed to show authorities birth/marriage certificates etc. Its very important to have a printed copy of these in a waterproof zip lock bag just in case your devices are damaged

Accessing power to charge your devices might be harder than you think

Can you imagine what it would be like in a disaster shelter. I remember the images we were shown on television from disasters such as Katrina, Sandy and Irma. They looked as though things were very dire and levels of sanitation and comfort ability were very poor. I reckon if these levels were low, power supply would be scarce.

I don’t know about you but I would not want to be hanging around in one of these shelters for an extended length of time even if I had suffered a bad injury. If sterilization of floors, toilets and surfaces were nonexistent, infection and disease would grow rampant

I remember watching the movie Impossible staring Naomi Watts, on the true account on the Boxing day tsunami that devastated Thailand. Here she goes through the harrowing experience of enduring this disaster and being separated from her husband and children. She also had suffered extreme cuts to the back of her leg that eventually needed antibiotics and surgery.

Only in life or death situation like this, would be the only time I would be entering a hospital to get expert attention in a disaster of this magnitude. This is why now I try to gain knowledge on things that could save my life now and I view having a stored area on my device for this type of information is vital

Thanks for reading and please any questions or comments leave them below and I will endeavour to respond ASAP

Keep safe







Waterproof hiking shoes top 3

Waterproof hiking shoes top 3


Let’s get another awesome review under way and look at the top 3 waterproof hiking shoes on the market

Every year, the newest fang dangle waterproof hiking shoes start appearing everywhere in our favourite stores and online. But what are the best and where can I find them at the cheapest price. Well im about to let you know!

 SALOMON X (Ultra 3 GTX) 

Synthetic and leather 

The benefits of synthetic and leather shoes is that they are extremely durable. As a seasoned hiker we expose our shoes to a large amount of wear and tear. The SALOMON X is a great choice for a durable, long lasting shoe.

Rubber sole 

Great for walking up and down steep surfaces. Rubber sole shoes are great for those tricky types of hikes that often come across rock, boulders and fallen trees

Been tested thoroughly over time to produce the best fit

Synergistically designed with a reinforced top section of the sensifit, supporting  your foot in a most comfortably way. Walking downhill is definitely no problem 

Lots of bits and bobs to make your feet feel on-top of the world 

Best place to buy – Amazon (Click here to buy)


MERRELL MOAB 2 (Waterproof – womens)

Hot Suede Leather Mesh

A lot of hiking shoe manufacturers these days cater for the hiking girl out there. Shoes these days can’t only function really awesome, they have to look really good as well. The suede leather mesh makes the shoe look like it could be warn at the local night club and nobody would notice. Haha no just joking, but they do look really good

Aggressive Rubber sole 

The rubber sole on these shoes cushion a lot of the impact from surfaces the shoe finds itself on. Talking to friends that hike in these shoes, they indicated that they respond really well to down hill climbs and jumping between obstacles

Big heel measuring approx 1.5″

Super high platform measuring  approx 1. inches

Tear out the inner sole if need be

You can remove the inner sole in these which can be great for washing them out after a long days hike

Merrell Air cushioning in the heel takes out most of the shock and adds stability 

Protective rubber toe cap

Best place to buy Amazon (Click here to buy)



Strong sturdy leather

Hiking shoes that are made from leather are great once they are broken in. Leather can be very unforgiving to the backs of your heals and your toes, so make sure you select the right size.

I recently read a book on the Pacific Crest trail, by Sheryl Strayed. There was a part in the book when she talks about her shoes severely chaffing and blistering her feet because of being to small. Ouch! I definitely know the feeling of hiking in leather shoes that are one size to small.

Make sure when purchasing leather hiking shoes they are the right size.  I can’t overemphasise this enough

Great colour combinations 

Super nasty laces

We need to have the best laces to brace our feet when out hiking. I also consider laces to have different purposes for me if I were in a survival situation. Laces can be used for slinging a broken arm, constriction of a limb in regards to a snake bit, making a bow to hunt with.

Strong thick laces are always good for your feet and to have as a stand by

Ultimate protection under foot and stability and traction when running away from bears or snakes

Best place to buy Amazon (Click here to buy)



A good pair of shoes I think is one of the most important choices you can make if your serious about hiking. Ive seen many people skimp in this area and it has made there hiking experience awful. When exploring the great outdoors the last thing we would want to be doing is sitting down rubbing our feet in pain. We would miss out on what we set out to do, and that’s taking in all the beautiful scenery

Hope these reviews help you with your next purchase. With all my reviews I thoroughly do my research so I can provide you with the best advise and help. These 3 waterproof hiking shoes are definitely the best on the market in 2018

Any questions please feel free to comment below and ill endeavour to get back to you as soon a possible




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