Natural and herbal remedies

Natural and herbal remedies

Healing medicine is all around us growing naturally and the best part… it’s for free

Throughout the ages, man has used an array of different herbs, plants and trees as a way of treating the human body. Throughout my research of natural and herbal remedies, I quickly discovered that the human body responds very well when it’s treated naturally to illness and infection.

The human body is made up of 60% water and then the many different elements that we find in the earth such as carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, hydrogen and phosphorus. When the body is in need of repair, it replenishes itself. It then stands to reason that what the body needs is a natural shot of herbal and plant based remedies.


For thousands of years humans have been using what occurs naturally around them in their environments. The writings and pictures of the ancient world can help us develop and store a huge wealth of knowledge on the different variety of medicines that occurs naturally in plants.

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A ancient world lost that can teach us so much

In ancient times of the past, people knew the different ingredients needed to help and even cure certain ailments. Sometimes in different tribes medicine men would be appointed to give the sick person a concoction of different tonics and potions made from herbs, roots, bark, sap, oils and honey

In ancient Egypt, hieroglyphs that have been decoded give us a detailed and complex insight into medicine. The many ruines in the Nile region paint a picture of healing through herbs and plants.

These people expanded their horizons through the use of ships, sailing up and down the Nile river and along the Medderteran coast. There exploring these areas led them to different peoples and cultures enhancing their knowledge in different medicines.

These ancient people were very proficient in herbal remedies and there uses throughout Egypt and their uses were extensive. One example was there use of honey as a antiseptic is well documented

In ancient Israel the Bible speaks of olive oil and wine as having healing benefits for broken skin and different sicknesses. In the bible book of Proverbs the wise King Solomon spoke of the benefits of Honey comb, wine and oil for healing.

The indigenous people of Australia have many natural ways that they use though the use of plants to fight disease like cancer. For example they used the leaf from the Gumby Gumby tree, boiling the leaf making tea. The tribesmen speak of its effectiveness in treating the common cold.

This is a lost information and you may ask yourself, where did all this knowledge go? We are now so heavily dependent these days on over the counter drugs. If we have a headache or have suffered a wound we head straight to the doctors.

Alot of this ancient information was written down in a few different ways. The most common method to write information was on papyrus paper or stone tablet. Some fragments of papyrus scrolls have been unearthed in recent years and archeologists continue to find stone engravings of ancient life, that gives us a insight on how and what these people used to heal themselves

Is it possible that we could also tap into this same information

We live in a time now where ancient medicine is viewed as outdated and even irrelevant. However there’s a stong movement building in society, supporting the powerful benefits of natural and herbal remedies. Social media and news item’s confirm the growing intrest in this area.

But my main focus in this post is to ask. Do we know enough information on how to heal and cure ourselves if there was no more doctors or conventional medicine outlets? What if the power grid and the major services stop and come to a grinding halt?

Natural disasters around the globe are definitely more destructive and intense then ever before. Do you know that earthquakes have doubled in regularity and intensity in the last one hundred years. Do you remember Chiapas in 2017 Ecuador in 2016 and Chili in 2015? These earthquakes all were around the 8.0 magnitude mark hitting with destructive force and displacing many people

Hurricanes are more intense and destructive than ever before. Hurricane Katrina, Sandy and Ike were furious storms displacing many and costing many billions in damages. Do you remember the images we saw on television of the destructiveness of Katrina and the lawlessness that soon followed. This will happen again. The question is are we prepared for it?

Heat waves throughout the world are breaking records like never before. Nuclear war and cyber attacks are a constant threat from many countries. Terrorism, EMP strikes, food and water contamination and total global economic breakdown isn’t far off from the horizon.

In a disaster whether man made or natural we could find ourselves in a situation where we don’t have any access to medicine or doctors. If we had to flee our homes last minute and we were to find our selves under prepared for such a scenario, would we be able to treat things such as infection, illness and pain?

Its up to you right now to start to educate yourself in the many different ways you can harness the natural healing powers of nature

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