escape submerged vehicle in less than a minute

escape submerged vehicle in less than a minute


Escape submerged vehicle in less than a minute! Experts suggest this tactic if your car happens to find itself sinking into the watery deep. But what if you throw a few logistical nightmares into the mix such as children or elderly people? Could you save everyone involved?

Bad driving got me thinking

Recently my family and I were driving along the Great Ocean Road in the very beautiful state of Victoria Australia. This is a very scenic road that whines itself along the coast for hundreds of kilometers. Its spectacular driving this road because often in sections the road actually goes out above the water, giving the driver and passengers a view of the crashing waves below.

Many overseas tourists come to drive this road at all times of the year and it’s often the busiest throughout the summer period. Super bikes, Harleys, European sports cars, Hot rods, muscle cars and retro vintage cars all take advantage of what this road has to offer. Many beaches, restaurants and cafes are jammed packed and you can’t get a car spot for miles.

A lot of tourists come out here from countries where you drive on the right side of the road, not like here in Australia where you drive on the left. This adds to a lot of confusion and often you will see head on accidents along this stretch of road

Whilst driving taking in the view, I made mention to my wife that driving this road this time of year is quite dangerous. She nodded her head and said that its pretty nuts. Many drivers were swerving all over the place, uncertain whether they had to stay on the left or right side of the road. Nuts alright!

My oldest son happened to say, I hope they don’t drive off the road into the ocean below. Wow! I thought. Imagine that I said, that could be a real disaster if they didn’t know how to escape.

This got me thinking and we started talking about it for the remainder of the drive

How do you escape from a sinking car?

Experts say that as soon as the car hits the water and settles, this is the exact time you should unbuckle your seat belt, wind down the window and climb out. This is great if you have a crank winding handle, but what if you have powered windows? Most car manufacturers guarantee that all car circuitry will work for 10 minutes in a submerged situation.

That’s great but what if the powered windows fail and don’t go down?

Smashing your side window is your best option. The front windscreen is made from toughened composite glass and it won’t break no matter how hard you thump on it. Using a hammer or pointed heavy steel type object (hammer) is recommended in assisting you with breaking it. Failing you don’t have a hammer in the car you can use your elbow to break it. Failing your elbow is not up for the job you can use the pointed steel parts from your head rest, whacking this on the glass instead

Remember when the glass breaks, clear away all the glass from the door frame so it doesn’t cut you.

Failing you have children in the car, what do I do?

Unbuckle your seat belt first, then work unbuckling the oldest through to the youngest. This is so that the older children can assist you if need be with the younger children. Have the windows already wound down and start exiting your children from the car, oldest to youngest. Hopefully the water hasn’t breached the windows at this point, but if it is starts to pouring in keep your calm. (Easier said than done I know)

Elderly or in firmed people would need the most help, but help them after the children have vacated the car. If their are any older children perhaps in their teens, they can assist you with this.

Windows didn’t break or go down. What to do now?


If the windows didn’t break or go down when you tried, your best option now is just let the car sink down to the bottom and settle. You will still be able to breathe for a considerable amount of time as the water won’t pour in fast at first. Don’t try to open the doors until the car has completely come to rest on the bottom and the water level is up around your chin. The inside pressure of the car and the outside pressure will now allow you to open your doors.

Take the last remaining bit of air taking a deep breath. Have all the children copy you and talk through what they need to do as the water is coming in and rising. Once the water has completely filled the car open the doors and swim out. Failing you are disoriented and don’t know where’s up, follow the air bubbles to the surface.

If their are any still in the car, take a deep breath and swim down pulling them out.

People would be swimming over to you by now and on the scene assisting. A car leaving the road and floating on the surface of the water is not something you see every day, so people will be only too happy to help


This is quite a scary scenario and is probably making your hands sweaty at just the thought of it. (I know it made my hands a little). Go through this scenario with your family, and being prepared will definitely help if this was to ever happen

Just try not to find yourself in your car out in deep water, that’s my best tip

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog

What do you think? Can any other suggestions be added?

Love to hear your thoughts and leave a comment below

All the best and stay safe




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