food to store for disaster

food to store for disaster


Is it just me or is there a lot of scary things happening all around the world. We don’t have to look far to see that many countries are going through some pretty tough times. Do you agree with me here? The news item’s we are seeing and reading about on a day to day basis isn’t painting the best picture for a peaceful stable future

Many countries are finding it hard to make ends meet. Why is this? Corrupt governments in many cases are destabilising the country’s welfare, dividing people and creating mass uncertainty

There are lots of detrimental repercussions to such leadership and the ripple effect goes along way

There seems to be critical times in alot of places around the globe. We are seeing mass food shortages among other things occurring on a huge level. People are reporting that they simply can’t make ends meet due to lack employment or can’t go to the store to buy their food. This is a huge concern among many people and one has to ask, is this what I could expect anytime soon in my country or city?

Recent footage I saw coming out of Venezuela was truly terrifying. People were protesting in the streets demanding the government do something about the food crisis. People were breaking into shops and rioting, in an obvious desperate state of affairs

Refugee camps are popping up all throughout Africa and Europe with thousands of people dying of food starvation or contamination. On top of this water quality in some countries are sub-standard.

What can we do to prepare for a similar situation were it to affect where we live?

In light of the many developing situations affecting people around the globe, can we afford to have the attitude of just sitting back and saying ‘it won’t happen to me’.

I’m pretty certain that you could agree that the government doesn’t necessarily come to the aid of its citizens when faced with food shortages in the past. The aftermath of cyclone Katrina saw people without proper food water and medicine for many days, creating one of the biggest emergencies in our time

Food to store for disaster and similar items are vital in our storehouse of knowledge, because it could save our life

What can I do now?

It’s an imperative that we have a good plan in place for such a situation. We do not want to snooze on this as past history shows that peaceful conditions can take a turn for the worse in a matter of hours

We need to have two options in place if we are intending to survive a disaster scenario and we need to be very clear on what these two options are.

Option 1 and an option 2

What are these two options?

Some disasters that have devastated areas in the past, show us that we can flee our homes or stay. Perhaps relief shelters and the like offer protection in these cases and it would be wise to know in advance where these areas’s are

Some disasters are truly catastrophic and we would need to flee as soon as possible. Such disasters are hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, floods.

Disasters such as heatwaves, economic, wildfires, breakdown of society type situations could call on us to decide whether to stay or to go

Option 1 is to flee the disaster with the aid of our bug bags and a pre selected safety location

Option 2 is to have the supplies necessary at home to keep us safe through this time of uncertainty

How to prepare for option 1

It’s imperative that you have a bug out bag ready to grab in a hurry if need be. Having all my bags placed in an area close to the front door. Importantly I carry a family size bag in my car at all times just in case I’m away from home



I always make sure that my bags have me prepared for hydration, fire starting, first aid, food, basic shelter, protection, communication and clothing. Having printed personal documents in a water tight bag and a roll of cash totaling around $500. Importantly I carry a credit card and some gold just in case I need to barter in exchange for something

Some items I have two of a particular item, such as a water filter. In the event of a water purifier breaking, I have another one to use. Water purification tablets on standby are always another great option

Having a few different methods to start a fire is a must. I will pack a couple of lighters and waterproof matches that are safely sealed in a water tight bag. Importantly I have a fire kit that I can use to make a fire by friction

I always carry a spare pair of clothing and rain covering.

How to prepare for option 2

In the event of a disaster happens and we choose to stay at home, we need to be just as prepared as option 1


Things such as town water, electricity and gas could be cut off with no warning, we need to store a supply of essentials. We may be needing these in case vital services are stopped

Bottles of drinking water and food need to be stored in a dry cool area. If you have a small apartment you can always put these in the unseen places, such as under your bed or under an inside staircase

Fuel to run equipment such as generators, vehicles and the like, could come to a grinding halt. In order to be able to drive to a safe location or run a generator, I always have a few large tins of fuel and gas bottles stored in the garage.

Having a dry area also designated to store a large supply of fire wood. This is a natural free way to provide heating and cooking.

If there is no power and the grid is out this brings along with it many other concerns and questions


Water and food are certainly important among other things if we are to stay alive in a disaster. We need to now put a plan in place to keep ourselves safe. If we dont and delay we could find ourselves left out in the cold fighting for our lives.

Please any questions ask me below and I will get back to you ASAP

Keep safe











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