hiking and camping backpacks

hiking and camping backpacks

Hi there guys. Today we will be talking about hiking and camping backpacks

 What makes a good backpack

There are lots of backpacks on the market now that cater for all different types of applications. Backpacks that are designed to be carried short distances with little to carry, to the larger packs that you could carry your gear for months at a time.

Today there’s different colors you can choose from, helping you to stand out or to keep you in full camouflage if need be. Personally I tend to stick to a black or dark green pack as I want to stay within the colors of my surrounds. This is because when watching for wildlife, I don’t scare them off. However, there are some that like a colorful pack because if they get lost, they can easily be found.

Most packs now come with safety features such as an in built whistle. Pretty neat if you happen to be walking and fall off a ledge or get yourself lost. Most packs come with state of the art back support and comfortable waist straps. Inside there usually a water bladder and plenty of room for first aid kits, food and hiking equipment

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Are there a difference between gals and guys backpacks

There’s not a lot of difference between packs these days. Colours separate what the gals seem to choose over what the guys will gab. Girls tend to want heaps of inside storage space where a guy will want plenty of outside pockets and straps to hang things like axes, knives off

There are plenty of things to consider when you are choosing the right back pack. How long you are going to be away for, Your height, Your strength and endurance, What type of hiking or camping you are going to be doing

Some buy backpacks to use as there go bags. These packs are filled with the necessary items, if one had to flee there homes in the event of a disaster. These packs would be stored in the home or car and would be in an easily to grab area if they needed to go quickly. Plenty of disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires, tsunamis, floods, mudslides are on the increase, so ones are now seeing the need to have one of these packs on standby ready to go.

Is a backpack meant to hurt my back when walking

When walking with your pack, it’s going to feel a lot different walking with it when it is empty to when it is full. When choosing keep in mind what exactly you will be intending to do with it. Don’t get talked into by the store owner to buy the latest and most expensive on one the self. A backpack when full should feel like you have little weight to carry and should hug your back comfortably. There should be good air flow between your back and the bag, so you don’t get a wet pack, and your cloths don’t get to smelly.

Shops will try to sell you the most expensive bag so beware

Keep in mind storage, durability, colors and how the pack feels when choosing. The most expensive packs in store are usually sitting on the racks right in front of your eyes when looking. Do your research when you are thinking about choosing a pack and read as many reviews as you can on that particular item. One of your hiking buddies might have bought themselves a backpack wich they love, however will be no good for you.

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I love outside pockets and the detachable daypack

I always like to know what sort of daypack come with the larger backpacks. The day pack is designed to unzip from the larger pack and carry things such as a camera, water, food and small first aid pouch. These small day packs are great and many of the good brands out there offer this option with there packs.

Pockets are something that I love to have on my larger hiking pack. I like pockets that are deep and tight, as I don’t want anything to fall out along the way. Often you may need to jump a tree branch or hop between rocks, so I don’t want anything to fall out

Is my pack going to stay dry if it rains?

Another thing you will want to consider is if the backpack is waterproof and is going to hold up to whatever is thrown at it. Most backpacks come with an all weather pull over that is located usually at the bottom of the bag. If the rain starts to belt down and you need to take cover, at least you know that your bag and contents will remain dry.

There is nothing worse walking into camp when it’s almost dark, having a wet backpack. This is the time of day when you will want to kick off all those smelly cloths so you can wash, put on some dry cloths, set up your dry tent, start a fire with your dry matches etc. So choose a backpack that’s going to stay dry in the event of bad weather.


I have written a few posts now about the importance of choosing the right backpack for all types of applications. There are plenty of places you can go to review different applications and get all the information you will need. Check out my links to help you make the most informed choice and buying a backpack should be a fun experience.

When buying you don’t even have to go new. I have personally bought some of my packs from garage sales, eBay, community sell swap buy sites on Facebook etc. Some people buy and use once then want to sell them. So you could always pick up a good deal there

Thanks for reading my blog and please leave any comments below and I will get back to you ASAP

Stay safe




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2 Replies to “hiking and camping backpacks”

  1. Thanks Dave. Great article.

    I must admit to having several backpacks, some specially loaded up with a particular use in mind.

    I like to go to garage sales and markets and never know what I will come across so I have a “buying” pack with a little packing material and a few plastic bags for wrapping delicate items. the pockets have basic water and snacks.

    There is one waterproof pocket with toilet tissue, (you never know when you are out a long way from home.)

    I have another pack for trekking with a towel, dry socks and spare sunglasses, a short piece of rope and am aluminium survival blanket.

    I have bought second hand ones before but you do need to check them carefully. I have known straps go and holes appear in worn out older packs.

    It is a real science buying backpacks.

    Good trekking.

    1. Thank you HappyB for your comment.

      Hiking a great pastime that lot of people enjoy. Some take it seriously, hiking for many days at a time and others enjoy just getting out for short sight seeing walks. Whatever the case, choosing the right backpack for the occasion is very important as it can make your day happy or miserable. 

      Sounds like you have put great thought into the backpacks you choose and are well prepared

      All the best and thanks for checking out my post

      Stay safe

      Cheers Dave

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