Hiking Backpack review

Hiking Backpack review

Osprey Atmos 65 AG

  • Main Fabric: 100d X 630d Nylon Dobby
  • Maximum Dimensions: (mm) 840 (l) X 380 (w) X 390 (d)
  • Weight: 2.18 Kg
  • 2017 mod
  • Best place to buy is at AmazonĀ 



After having my own now for the last month or so I thought I must do a hiking backpack review on it.

I feel its important to let all you guys know how good this pack has preformed over this period. This pack has many good positive features and I can’t fault the bag in any way. It has been a pleasure to have on my many hikes and I highly recommend this backpack if you are thinking of buying.

The time spent in detail, quality and innovative design proves that this hiking pack definitely means business. It’s strong and sturdy features instantly give me the confidence that this pack will last many walks into the unknown. When carrying it under load it has great weight distribution because of its hip belt design and back support. Its durability and toughness when using it is outstanding

When running my fingers over the shoulder straps I noticed that all the stitching is nicely done and neat. Its sleek mesh back support, which has a fully ventilated hip belt gives a futuristic appearance. The design is this area of the pack is amazing and I don’t think I have seen it on other packs. The mesh is one complete piece running right through to hip belt.

The pack completely hugs my back when trying it on and surprisingly feels very light. The mesh smooth texture and breathable webbing, would add to the needed ventilation when out on those long hikes.

Pure Joy

I had laid out all my hiking bits and pieces on the living room floor and began to slowly pack these into the main compartment. As my other pack is a little larger from this one, I thought it might be tough going getting all my contents into this pack.

When I started packing my larger items into the bottom of the main compartment, I soon realized how much storage this pack has to offer. It was like a never ending void that never could be filled.

I noticed that there’s a divider that would allow you to separate your wet and dry clothing, which is a massive bonus. It also has a sturdy draw string with clip adjustment to keep this compartment shut. The water bladder is located in nicely tucked away spot so it doesn’t get in your way. I can also access my contents via top and bottom entry points.

I then considered my other items that would be separate from my main compartment and noticed how many pocket options I have for storage. The double zippered front pockets look as though they could store a heap of stuff. I put my hand into one of these to see how deep they were and to my amazement realized they both run down to the bottom of the pack.

At the bottom of the pack there’s a large sleeping bag compartment. So I gab my sleeping bag of the floor and proceed to stuff it into this area. Wow! Easily fits with room to spare. It also has straps under the pack that I could relocate my sleeping bag if need be, but I found these straps to be handy in securing my camera tripod.

I gathered some of my documents and smaller items and filled some inside pockets. There’s plenty of useful internal pockets I can utilize for things like food or first aid.

I’ve decided to use the top lid compartment as my day pack because it completely separates from the pack. So I begin to pack into this area all my items that I may use if I was going to hike lighter and separate from my main pack.

When the top lid compartment is attached to the main pack, its held down by two sturdy compression straps. All the straps I used so far on this pack clip into place beautifully and show no signs of ever failing.

The hip strap feels secure and comfortable with nice padding and ventilation. It has two pockets on either side of the strap that offer a small amount of room for perhaps an energy bar or small camera. I must say that the hip belt looks and feels much superior to other hiking packs on the market.

There’s a handy front pocket on the pack that’s made from mesh type ultra strong material. In this area I packed a few first aid items and tools that I may need to grab for when hiking

There’s a handy two-way bottle holders nicely located in a side area that easily accessible. I have found this to be a problem in the past on other packs, as they can be located in awkward areas making it hard to reach for when wanting a drink. So big thumbs up here

All the rest of my items were packed into the other well-thought-out locations of the pack. It’s here that I realized that this pack is definitely much superior to my other hiking packs.

I’m actually pretty blown away that all my items were able to be packed effortlessly without having to overthink the packing too much. Everything just seemed to fit perfectly. When out hiking the bag performed well in regard to load stability and has good weight distribution. I think definitely because of the back system that’s a little different on this pack.

When the weather turns ugly and you need to keep your precious back pack and its contents dry, pull out the integrated & detachable rain cover found inside the lid. This rain cover looks very robust and capable of keeping out all the rain. It easily covered the whole bag, not like some other brands out there.

The Osprey Atmos AG backpack in my opinion is King

When doing my research on this backpack I learned that it had won an Innovation Gold award. This is not hard to believe because of the way it looks, feels and preforms when out hiking.

All the adjustments and clips work extremely well and are very sturdy. Compression straps I found all are all easy to get to, and pull the pack neatly and tightly into place. The built in whistle is a bonus and sounds loud when blowing into it.

The zippers are all very functional with sturdy little rubber loops that in my opinion would never break even with the hardest of hands.

The water sack inside looks tough and durable allowing me to carry bucket loads of drinking water. It’s located in a nice little spot tucked away from the main storage area.

My rating for this back pack is 4.9 out of 5

Purchase the Osprey 65 here

Any questions drop me a comment below. Hope this helps with your next

Cheers Dave

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