How To Use A Compass With A Map

How To Use A Compass With A Map



Be warned! Hiking can become very addictive.

When I first started bush walking and hiking I was instantly in love. Do you also hike trails around your area? Or perhaps you travel to amazing places around the globe finding the most popular hikes?


Some hikes can leave you with lasting memories that can last forever

I try to get out into the bush whenever possible, hiking almost immediately calms my thoughts and helps me see life a little more clearly.

When away from all the noise of suburbia and the mindless chatter that goes on through the weeks activities, hiking amongst the trees and all that fresh air made me feel alive and gave me a sense of purpose and respect for life. Do you also feel the same? There’s something positive that happens to our bodies when we are observing nature

When I was younger hiking some absolutely stunning trails around the area I lived, always left me feeling that I wanted to venture off the well-worn path. To discover a never before seen waterfall or walk knee-deep along a pristine river bank observing the local bird and animal life all alone.

When hiking down many trails I would see the barely noticeable tracks veering off, made by the many types of wildlife as they passed from one location to the other. I wonder where these tracks led off too?

I need to explore them I would tell myself, imagining that these tracks led to some hidden lair of an animal thought to be extinct many hundreds of years before.

When out hiking, often I would catch a glimpse of a distant mountain or river that took my breath away leaving me with goose bumps. I would scan the horizon and would ponder for ages whether I could make it there on my own, traversing untouched ground.

I always stopped myself from venturing off into the deep unknown because of the fear of getting lost, not knowing where I am with nobody to find me. However, making my own paths from a starting point on a map to a destination continued to be on my mind when considering hiking a new area.

When this longing to get into the untouched parts of the wilderness got unbearable, I decided I needed to learn how to find my bearings out there.

I enrolled myself into a navigation course that gave me some priceless knowledge on reading from a map and using a compass amongst other useful things.

I practiced some different scenarios out in the bush around my area and in time I became proficient in compass and map reading.

Its absolutely amazing when you choose a destination to hike to and you use a compass and map to get there. I remember my dad pulling out the old topography maps and laying them on the lounge room floor when I was a kid. He would plan our camping trips looking at these maps and always found great locations to camp, often near rivers or rocky outlooks.

I would see him with his pencil and compass out, drawing lines and writing notes. He would point out all the different details of contours of mountains and valleys and also explain how long it would take to walk to our destination.

I’ve come to realize that I totally love hiking and I need to do it as often as possible. I guess you could say it’s my authentic self, it’s in my blood. Probably ingrained in me from a very early age

I can absolutely guarantee that if you get yourselves out into the great outdoors you won’t be let down.

I’m grateful that I can now pass down all this knowledge to my two young boys and watch their happy faces when we are exploring the trails together

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