hurricane survival kit checklist

hurricane survival kit checklist

We are once again heading for another hurricane season and already we are seeing some activity in the Atlantic Ocean. Are you currently experiencing the uncertainty of a hurricane building out at sea near to where you live? Do you have family that live in areas where hurricanes hit the most? Hurricanes can be extremely dangerous if you are underprepared

The thought of hurricanes coming within range of our homes, family and possibly destroying our home will always build a level of dread and anxiety inside us

A hurricane survival kit checklist is a must for any home before a hurricane hits with all its force.

Now is the time to read up on the area in which you live to find out any past history concerning natural disasters. These details could prove to be life saving as previous hurricanes give us a insight on what to expect and how to safeguard ourselves

If you have recently moved to a region where hurricanes hit, it would be wise to talk to as many locals as possible. You might learn of past experiences of how people prepared in the past and what are the best techniques to use to survive a hurricane.

Many people lose their lives because they are under prepared to handle the intensity of a large scale natural disaster so learn and prepare yourself now

Advanced Planning

Plan ahead.

Have a plan in place that gets you and your family to shelters safely and as quick as possible. Plan the route beforehand with the whole family, so everyone is clear on how to get there. Anticipate that roads could be blocked, so a alternative route is always a great idea. Have a plan B in place also in case the first plan fails. (Always have a plan B for everything)

A pre selected bug out location would be the best bet, already stocked with supplies.

Family members that are caring for elderly or who are disabled will need help and assistance in the event of a hurricane. It would be wise beforehand to contact the local authorities to be informed on what to do for these ones. All the information you can gather to help all family members cope though this traumatic event will prove to be invaluable.

Keeping children calm with games, headphones and music of their favourite bands/artists, will help them keep in a good frame of mind. Make sure any pets stay inside with you as they will be just as frightened and needing a safe place


Flood insurance

Get flood insurance if you don’t already have it and make sure you know all the details about the policy. Some insurance policies for flood damage need to be well read.  Some appear to look as though you are covered for everything but the small print may say otherwise.

Emergency supplies

Make sure you have already purchased or put together you 72hr emergency bug-out bag for yourself and family. Keep these bags stored in a high dry place near the exit points in you home and have one permanently in you car for the whole family.

If you have not done this, you must have at least

  • 72 hours of drinking water per person
  • 72 hours of non-perishable food that you don’t need to cook per person
  • First aid kit
  • flash light
  • All medications
  • Personal documentation
  • Batteries
  • Crank powered radio and battery bank for devices
  • Mobile phone and contact list
  • Turn you fridge to the coldest setting
  • Pet food
  • Fire kit
  • Cash and coins
  • Multi tool

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Batten down the hatches

Around your house you will need to place anything that can be blown away by the wind, inside. Batten down all windows and doors with thick marine plywood, screwed in place by the longest screws you can find.

Clean out any guttering around the roof line and clean out any down pipes. Trim any trees of dangerous branches and fill your car full of gas in case you need to evacuate. Shut off all electricity gas and water if you know how to or learn now the process to do it.

A hurricane warning will be issued over the radio within 36 hours of its landfall, so make sure you listen in for information.

Atlanta and central pacific Hurricane season starts from June 1st through to November 30th

Eastern pacific starts from May 15 through to November 30th

Where’s the safest place to be

If you live in a high rise building and are above the 10th floor you should evacuate. Everyone that lives on floors 1 and 2 should make plans with all occupants from floors 3 to 10 to bunker down on the lower levels.

A small team should be set up to organise for the care and safety of everyone.

Anyone that lives in a mobile home, flood plain or close to a river or major water-way should also evacuate because of storm surge

Riding out the storm

Just before the storm hits fill you bath tub full of water (this is not the time to take a bath) its for an extra supply for other things that may require extra water.

Unplug all electrical devices from the wall and turn off all propane tanks.

When the storm hits, stay away from any glass doors or windows. This is the time when people are injured, usually trying to take footage on their phones or cameras. If you want some footage of the hurricane, set up another phone that can record whilst your riding the storm out

Don’t use the land line telephone because it won’t work and move to the lowest level of the house. Any rooms that have concrete walls and ceilings are great to bunker in. If you happen to live on a boat, throw out multiple anchors, buffers and evacuate to somewhere safe.

Bunkering in a hallway or well-built closet is a good option and have plenty of thick soft pillows and blankets surrounding your body and head.

Monitor weather conditions on your radio and stay in your safe location until the authorities say it’s safe to leave. Have a place nearby that all family members will meet after the event just in case you are separated. Also again if separated, designate someone  who lives out of town that everyone can call to notify on their whereabouts and condition.

When the storm has abated and authorities have said it’s OK to venture outside, don’t turn on circuit breakers if the power is down. Wait for a certified technician to restore power.

If you smell gas leave immediately and if you see frayed wires or downed power lines keep well away until restored.

If indeed flood waters are surrounding your home, don’t venture inside until they have receded to a safe level. Don’t wade through flood waters and do so only if necessary.

Self defense

In and around you home, you must think of ways that you can protect yourself and family from people who may want to harm or steal from you. In the time of crisis their are always groups that will want to take advantage of the desperate situation by robbing or inflicting violence.

Have measures in place within your home to keep intruders out and if you need to evacuate yourself and family to the street, stay together and away from the main places of activity. I wouldn’t stay in relief shelters as this would be a haven for decease and unsavory conditions.


Keep well-informed when a hurricane is expected. You can remain totally safe throughout a hurricane if you take all the necessary precautions beforehand. Get yourself well-informed and stay safe

Please any questions you may have don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible

Stay safe


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  1. It is just so sad that people have to endure such hardships as these natural disasters. It’s really unfortunate. I actually remember going through a tropical storm when I was 12 years old. it flooded our entire neighboorhood. We had to move to an entirely different county. When hurricane Harvey came it was just like deja vu. Best thing to always prepare for the worst case scenario. because you never know what predicament you will find yourself in.

    1. Very true Staci. 

      We all need to see the importance of preparing now for a disaster. At least we should all have a go bag ready so we can grab and run.

      Thank you for your message and kind regards 


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