Latest Earthquakes

Latest Earthquakes


Plenty of earthquake activity is taking place around the globe and it doesn’t seem to be easing up.

Have you been effected by this increase of tectonic movement that all the experts seem to be raving on about?

This increase in activity could be an indication that a massive one is just around the corner around the highly volatile Ring Of Fire. Scientists for the past decade have been saying that California is well over due for a big one. An earthquake with a magnitude of 8 or higher along the San Andreas fault would see many people in danger and there would be a large loss of life

Just like the Hollywood blockbusters that depicts building’s crashing to the ground or massive tsunamis enveloping entire cities, we are constantly being exposed to footage of the effects of natural disasters and the vulnerability that people find themselves in after one takes place

How do I avoid earthquakes?

Cities now are more populated than ever. Anchorage, in Alaska just recently went through a series of earthquakes that busted up roads, building’s and parkland. But Alaska has always been rocked by earthquake’s and according to the long term residents, rumbling and shaking of the ground happens all the time

If you want to avoid earthquakes, move to areas that are nowhere near a fault line or a history of such disasters

Japan has always had consistent seismic movement because of its location to the Ring Of Fire. The deep ocean trenches such as the Mariana trench, are evidence of the grinding tectonic plates that smash themselves together forming huge deep valleys on the ocean floor. These trenches are also home to many hundreds of active volcanoes indicating the volatile nature of The Ring Of Fire

This Ring Of Fire horse shoes its way up from New Zealand, fringing the eastern coast of Japan, turning its way over to Alaska, then down through the western coast of California, finishing up off the S/Western coastline of South America

New Zealand has copped its fair share of destabilization from tectonic movement over the years. Christchurch is still rebuilding after a big one hit a few years back. Footage showed people running for their lives as buildings crashed and ground split underneath them.

And we can never forget Japan’s earthquake that sent a tsunami barreling its way through villages, swamping everything in its path. Scary footage indeed

Large dormant volcanoes that could come to life at any time, dot all over the place around the northern part of the Ring Of Fire making many people uneasy with uncertainty

Yellow Stone national park could blow its top at any stage making this place a volcanologists paradise

Have I made your palms sweaty yet?

Yes a large percentage of the world’s population live on highly volatile fault lines. That is why when a large scale earthquake occurs, they tend to happen in these densely populated areas and tragically loss of life happens

Earthquakes fire off all the time but occur deep down near the earths core. The earths tectonic plates are continually moving and nobody can predict when pressure is going to be released from any one of these.

For example scientific experts say that the San Andrea’s fault must be under extreme pressure and ready to let go at any time. But simply no one knows. It could continue to stay that way for another 50 years

Plenty of action happening deep down

Many earthquakes happen with us not feeling anything at all. They usually occur deep down beneath the ocean floor and go undetected by people on land. Scientists have detectors that can pick up the lowest of vibrations. The earth undergoes thousands of earthquakes per day, but most are in the low magnitude scale and are not felt by humans

But occasionally an earthquake happens close to the earths surface, and this is where it becomes dangerous and the loss of human life can take place

A decade of large earthquakes

Most of the latest earthquakes we have seen, have been some of the biggest in history. Here’s a list of a few earthquakes that may come to mind

Chiapas Mexico, 2017 Magnitude 8.2

Ecuador 2016 April 16 Magnitude 7.8

Chile 2015 September 16 Magnitude 8.3

Nepal 2015 April 25 Magnitude 7.8

China, 2014 August 3 Magnitude 6.5

Pakistan 2013 September 24 Magnitude 7.7

These earthquakes killed many hundreds of people and there was no warning that one was about to strike.

What do I do in an earthquake?

Many people don’t know what to do in an earthquake and this is where people die.

Gaining knowledge now on how to prepare for an earthquake and what to do when in an earthquake is vital for survival.

Loss of life usually occurs because things fall on people due to the shaking and swaying. Anything that can topple over such as, large pot plants, statues, furniture, large paintings on walls etc. These items can sometimes be very heavy and can crush someone in an instant.

When you feel the beginnings of an earthquake, quickly make your way under a solid object. Desks or large tables are good choices to seek refuge. Put your hands over the top of your head to stop any falling glass landing on you. Try to wrap some material around your nose and mouth such as a hat, scarf, shirt, jumper, handkerchief etc. This will prevent any dust filling your lungs.

Taking cover underneath solid objects would stop any plaster falling on you from walls and ceilings and hopefully give you protection if the building was to collapse.

When the chaos stops

If you can make your way quickly and safely to an exit do so. This is not the time to linger around to check out what’s just happened, snap some selfies on your smartphone and upload them to Instagram. Get yourself to the street as quickly as possible then take all the pictures you want.

Always know where the exit doors are when you are at any location and always carry on you documentation of who you are.

Earthquakes can devastate places and lives in an instant so educate yourself now on survival techniques by visiting my other posts on survival techniques in a disaster

Do you agree with what I have written about here? I would love to hear your feedback on this post.

I will endeavor to respond back to you ASAP

Stay safe



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  1. Thanks for this article it is really informative, earthquake is something one should always tried to escape, I mean it is really terrible, people lose their lives if even they escape with their life they still lose their properties. I am glad to have read this post now I know how to survive an earthquake if one should occur. I will definitely share this site with my friends and family i believe this will also help them.

    1. Thank you for your honest reply. Your totally correct, earthquakes are devastating to say the least. All the best 

      Cheers Dave

  2. Hi friend,

    Thanks a lot for this useful information. Indeed, earthquakes can be very disastrous and can claim a lot of life especially if the magnitudes are higher. Your article shows that indeed you know what you’re talking about as far as earthquakes and other natural disasters are concerned.

    When I saw your list of countries and the year they experienced catastrophic disasters, I immediately recalled what happen in Haiti on January 12, 2010 with a magnitude of 7, a very disastrous one indeed. I know about that of Nepal and what happened in Japan. I also heard about that of China, but I didn’t hear about what happened in Chile, Also, I never heard bout that of Pakistan.

    Of course, any of these earthquakes were very disastrous. I know they took a lot of life away

    Your idea on how to survive from any of these natural disasters is very important to take note of. In fact, I have Bookmarked this article for future reference. Thanks a lot for sharing with us.


    1. Thanks Steven! 

      A lot of sad memories indeed when it comes to past earthquakes. Hopefully with good preparation on our behalf we can cut down on the loss of life in the future. 

      Kind regards


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