Make Ninja Star-The Right Way

Make Ninja Star-The Right Way

Make ninja star the right way

I remember when I was young around 10 or 11 years of age, my Dad would have this great big old work bench in his garage with all sorts of tools placed on top of it. He had draws and shelves of all kinds of drills, saws, grinders and welding equipment.

He would encourage me to make things with these tools, seeing what I could come up with. Dad wasn’t one of those parents that would be terrified if I turned on and squeezed the trigger of a drop saw or belt sander. Hahaha, I’m looking at my fingers now whilst I type this, wondering how on earth I still have some of them There were a few near misses back then.

He would show me first how it was done then patiently leave me to it, watching me of course. I would spend most of my weekends riding my bicycle down the local saw mill, asking if I could have some of the old saw blades that were laying around. One of the workers there cut an old band saw blade up into about 10 pieces for me, this lasted me for years.


Metal working is not only for old dudes

There’s something about working with metal that’s really cool. I mean when you put the grinder to the metal it sparks. When you start heating and tempering the metal, it turns an awesome red and orange. You can bend it, bang it into shape, cut it and make it turn into some really amazing objects.

Making knives and sharp objects weren’t the only things that interested me. At a young age, my old man was into restoring old cars and motor bikes. He would be forever grinding and replacing rusted out areas of the car. Heating and banging out dented areas and sanding back the filler. His garage was full of engine parts, chrome and the smell of fresh paint. Up on the walls were pictures of Harley Davidson’s, chopped Chevy s and naked girls. I guess it was a real mans cave, not the ones you see these days.

As my Dad was working on his craft, I would be at the bench sander or grinder fashioning up new master pieces. Long bladed hunting knives, pocket knives, arrow tips for my bow, spears and ninja stars were what I was into. Plenty of fun things to do in that old garage


My favorite though was making a ninja star

When I was younger, I remembered seeing a movie starring Bruce Lee. He was using these cool looking shaped objects to take down his attackers. He would throw these with pin point accuracy, inflicting a fatal blow that would leave the attacker fatally injured.

I thought WOW, what are these?

So I immediately went to work my old man’s garage. I was fortunate as a kid that I had the access to all these tools

Making a throwing star wasn’t as easy as making knives. They had many edges and points that needed to be perfectly balanced and shaped as the other points. It was also a little more technical to make, needing more time and patience than other projects. Also, they needed to look cool like the ones I saw Bruce Lee using.

My first few that I made were pretty average to say the least. They weren’t sharp, the points were dull and they were unbalanced. When I threw them at a target, they didn’t fly well and would rarely stick into the target


Where to access tools if you don’t have any?

If you don’t have access to some tools you might need, you can always- (for kids with parents permission of course)

  • Garage sales. Garage sales often have old tools for sale.
  • second hand shops. These sometimes have cheap old but good quality tools for sale.
  • Ask a neighbor if they have any old tools you can use. Old guys usually have a garage full of old tools. They probably would only be too happy to help you out, and just maybe re spark their imagination and want to help you out
  • Do some odd jobs around your neighborhood for the exchange for tools. Make yourself up a flier indicating┬áthat you weed gardens, clean out gutters etc

How to start?

Tools you will want are

  • Scissors
  • Black marker
  • Access to the internet and printer
  • Angle grinder or hack saw
  • Bench sander or file
  • Calliper to scribe out a line on all your edges
  • Drill press or hand held power drill
  • Drill bits
  • Hole punch
  • Glue
  • Black spray paint

To start with you will need to draw yourself up a template. You can do this by heading over to Adobe Illustrator and make a template their. Or you could down load a template off the net. There are lots of templates you can choose from so go for it and make a cool design

Once you have the template in your hand you will to grab yourself a pair of scissors and cut it out.



When choosing the metal to use, you will want to pick something that’s already been hardened. I use old saw blades from a circular saw or large band saw blades from local saw mills. Using these old blades will take out the need to harden the metal, if you were to buy the metal new. (Harding metal is another blog post all together and I will be adding one to this website shortly)

Glue your template to your metal work piece and wait for it to dry.

Find yourself a good solid work bench and grab your self a G clamp. (I will be adding shortly a post on building your own work bench) Clamp your metal down and clamp it tight so it doesn’t move.



Either using an angle grinder or if your feeling extra energetic, you can use a hack saw. Start cutting a rough outline of your ninja star. Cut close to the line but be careful not to cut inside the line. You want to be careful also of any jagged edges that could cut your fingers.

Grab yourself a center punch and punch mark all the spots where the drill piece will be going.

With either a bench drill press or a hand held power drill, drill out your hole’s. Start with a small drill piece, then increase the hole’s diameter by increasing the diameter of your drill bit.



Scribing a center line on the edges can be difficult and care needs to be taken here. A caliper that can run across the surface of your work piece whilst a scriber can scribe a line straight and true on the edge is what you need. Use a sharpie pen to blacken the edges before this step, as you will be able to see the scribe lines better when you’re sanding your edges into blades.

Now comes the fun part

If you have the use of a bench sander this will make life a whole heap easier. If not, you can always use a hand file. This will take a lot more time and effort however. To keep your work from over heating through the sanding process, dip it into a jar of water from time to time.

After you have been sanding the edges for a while you will notice that a rough sharp surface may appear on the top and bottom sides of the work piece. Clean this up by sanding the top and bottom surfaces.

Making a jig to fasten to your ninja star can make things easier when beveling your edges. A jig can be a simple design that allows you to hold the work piece at different angles while sanding. The jig needs to be a flat palm sized piece of metal with drill hole’s located on it.



These drill hole’s need to be made, lining up with the hole’s on the work piece. One hole on the jig would align up with the center hole on the work piece and another hole on the gig would align up with the outside hole on the work piece. Using small nut and bolts you fasten the gig to the work piece, allowing for easier working movement for the sander.

When you are happy with the way it looks and it flies good, give it a spray with black spray paint. This will finish it off, giving it the Bruce Lee effect

A finished masterpiece

Making all sorts of cool blades, arrow tips and throwing stars can be made easily with the use of modern day tools. Experiment around using different metals and tools when building some of these projects and have fun. Remember to be careful when using any power tools and that you have supervision if you are younger.

(Ask an older person if you are struggling with any of these steps)

Hope you enjoyed this post and please leave any comments below


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