Recent Earthquakes Alaska

Recent Earthquakes Alaska

One place that’s being hammered by earthquakes in the last 12 months is Alaska. Recent earthquakes Alaska has had to endure, hasn’t been easy. The people who live there are over the tremors to say the least! The people have had wave after wave of smaller and larger, bone shaking earthquakes in previous months.

Fears about a catastrophic earthquake to shake all cities located around the Ring Of Fire to the ground

In the first days of January Alaska soar close to 100 earthquakes in total. 6 of theses were a magnitude 4.5 and higher which is quite extraordinary. Alaska is situated high up on the globe and is a state of the USA. Its north-western location runs very close to the words biggest fault line, The Ring Of Fire.

16 earthquakes measuring 4.5 and above have occurred in a space of 48 hours along the hugely volatile ring of fire on a single day followed by 53 the following day. This is a huge amount of activity and alot larger of what we have seen in the past. Even though the western coast of California didn’t see any significant activity on these days.

Lots of discussion about what this could mean for people who live on the fault line

Conspiracy theorist’s and scientists are sending chat rooms into meltdown, as they are predicting and warning that it’s just a matter of time before we see an earthquake that packs so much force, it will kill millions. Some are suggesting that these earthquakes that we are seeing in New Zealand, Indonesia, Japan, Venezuela, Fiji, Bolivia are only the tip of the iceberg.

Scientists say California is in an earthquake drought as a 7.0 magnitude hasn’t occurred for a long time

California hasn’t seen any major events for quite some time so should we be concerned? In 1906 a huge earthquake ripped San Francisco apart killing 3000 people. Definitely California shows all the signs that it has been ravaged in the past by moving fault lines. The land scape surrounding San Francisco is scared with deep cuts in the earths surface where the land has pulled away and torn its self in two.

Can earthquakes be predicted?

With all the technology scientists have at their finger tips, they still can’t predict when an earthquake will occur. When an earthquake happens, it’s hard to pinpoint if it’s a single earthquake or a pre shock before a larger one.

What Alaska is enduring at the moment is a series of many smaller shocks, then the odd bigger one measuring over 4.5 comes barreling through. Not a nice feeling!

A girl I know lives and works in Anchorage and grew up in Alaska. She has told me that many of the buildings have broken apart and have suffered damage after the barrage of earthquakes they have had. Her building were she lives, has been weakened structurally and may need to be take it down. This is happening all around Anchorage as roads, schools, houses and buildings have been effected

It must be quite terrifying for all people living in Anchorage as thousands of earthquakes have been registered since the big one occurred on November 30th 2018. This registered as a magnitude 7.0 which is considered large. In fact as I write this post, an earthquake has happened in Alaska just now, measuring as a category 5.0. So as it appears there seems to be no let up for the people of Alaska

Conspiracy theorists, scientists and disaster watchers all point to a massive major event to hit California, as the Cascadia subduction is ready to pop like a compressed spring

All this activity around the Ring Of Fire in the past days and months is a conspiracy theorists and scientists dream. Many go years or even decades without seeing the activity we are seeing here on a daily basis.

They believe that these series of earthquakes is the start of the lead up to the big-one. The big one that they are pointing to is the location around the Californian Coast. This fault line is called the San Andreas. They reckon this fault line has been sleeping for far to long and is ready to wake up

A over due earthquake has been talked about for a long time in the scientific circles for this area of California. A magnitude 9 or greater here could see tremendous damage and the death toll could be in the millions.

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The ring of fire What is it?

The ring of fire is were two large tectonic (earths crust) plates meet. The heavier plates push under the lighter ones causing subductions and deep trenches in the ocean floor. There continually pushing and grinding at each other, fighting for space and room. The tectonic plates resemble a big jigsaw puzzle when looking at them from a map.

About 90% of all earthquakes happen around the fringes of the Pacific Ocean and has of all the active volcanos on earth. The plates are not connected or fixed together but float on top of whats called the mantle (molten rock). Often these plates collide or over time under huge amounts of pressure, let go.

These two plates (one being the Pacific plate) circles the Pacific Ocean from New Zealand up past Japan, over to Alaska and down past the western coast of California to the tip of south America. Spreading out along this fault line is 452 volcanoes that produce high seismic activity, are extremely volatile and unpredictable in nature.

What ever the case maybe we need to prepare now for the unknown.

The best way to avoid an earthquake is not to live on or near a major fault line. Many of our fault lines are pretty harmless and may never pose any threat to us, however we shouldn’t become complacent and pretend it won’t happen to me. That’s how people get killed in a disaster. Its when people are dont see the urgency of what can happen.

If it’s not earthquake, it can quite easily be something else of an equal serious nature. Hurricanes, tornadoes, bush and wild fires, floods, heatwaves, drought, ice and snow storms, tsunamis and then also man made disasters do happen and happen without warming

Keep safe everyone and prepare now before it’s to late

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