Simple hiking tips and tricks to use on your next adventure

Simple hiking tips and tricks to use on your next adventure


Hiking the trails near to my home in Victoria Australia, leaves me with a feeling in awe. I must be living in the best place on Earth I tell myself. Do you feel the same way about the area you live in?

Sometimes I ponder for days which hike or camping trip I should do as there’s so many great areas to choose from, that I still haven’t seen

I’m so fortunate to live close to the Great Ocean Road and Ottways National Park. Do you live near a rain forest or perhaps a pristine coastal landscape? If so you will definitely know what I’m talking about.

The thing that I think on and talk to my friends about is, whether we take this natural beauty in or take it for granted?

I try to always have my senses in tune when I’m close to nature. Observing the endless variety of sights and sounds. Hearing the sounds of my favourite birds, wind in the tallest trees, makes me feel alive and free.

You can find beauty in almost any place on the planet, just some places you may have to look a bit harder than others.

Its true, humans have destroyed a lot of once beautiful landscapes, that use to be abundant with wild animals and plant life. Some places that come to mind are the Great Barrier Reef Australia, Amazon rain forests South America.

Getting out into the bush is an absolute must for me and if I leave it to long between trips, I feel drained anxious and grumpy. It’s like an itch that I can’t scratch. Raise your hand if you feel the same.

When walking up to the beginning of the trail and I notice the sign indicating the beginning of the hike, I get a adrenaline rush that lasts well beyond finishing the hike.
What helps me begin any hike or camping trip is what preparations I make beforehand. There are literally dozens of simple hiking tips and tricks that can make all the world of difference when you are out next on you are adventure

Within this post I thought of writing about some of these simple hiking tips and tricks that has inspired me to get out into  the great outdoors more regularly. In the coming posts I will give you more information on different hacks you can use for your next hiking or camping trip

But for now I will give you 4 that I use

Lets make preparation fun and exciting making the overall experience rewarding and fulfilling

How to blow up your camp mattress quickly, using a plastic bag

What did you say!

You’re telling me that I no longer need to spend 20 or so minutes blowing my heart out, trying to inflate my mattress?

That’s right.

What you need to do is, lay out your inflatable mattress on the ground. Make sure nothing sharp is on the ground underneath it such as sticks or rocks that could pierce a hole in it

Simply hold the plastic bag by the handles and scoop air into it. Just like if you were catching butterflies. Then once you have inflated your bag close it off so no air escapes.

Tuck the bag in to your mattress opening and push the air through, being careful not to lose any of the air from the bag.

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Water proof shoes

I love wearing Converse All Stars high top shoes. I know there not the most practical type of shoe to hike in but I love feeling the ground when walking. The thin sole offers me a lot of flexibility when I’m jumping between boulders or climbing trees etc

However theses are made from canvas and let in a tonne of water if I accidentally step into a puddle or if it rains

What you can do is grab yourself a tea light candle and rub the wax all over your shoes. Nice and thick. Then grab yourself a hairdryer and blow on a low hot heat all around the newly applied wax. This will melt the wax

It should go from white to clear and then you are all done. Water proof shoes

Click here to see my review on the top 3 best hiking shoes on the market

Long burning waterproof matches

Grab yourself and packet of matches and a roll of toilet paper. Unroll half a foot or so of toilet paper and cut it length ways in half.

Proceed to roll your match in the strip of paper so it wraps around it many times.

You need the head of the match exposed, and it should be nice and thick in the middle with the paper.

With some hot wax from a candle dip the match into it. Submerging the entire match in the wax.

Do this several times and store the matches back into the box. These will burn for ages

Fire wood holder for bundles of sticks

So you have spent the last hour or so collecting all your nights firewood to keep you warm under the stars.

What do I do now? I can’t possibly carry all these back to camp in one go.

What you need is 2 decent long sticks and 2 lengths of rope as long as you are arm.

Tie both ends of the rope to the ends of both sticks. It should look like a rectangle box shape with the sticks down one side and the ropes top and bottom

Place all you are firewood across the ropes and then lift it by holding the sticks. Stick carrying problem solved


There are many things you can use that are lying around at home that could potentially make your life a lot better when out hiking or camping next

When out next time you want to make what your carrying on you are back as light as possible, so try to improvise with what you can use.

Sometimes I will take tin foil with me so I can mold it around a rock to make dinner wear. Even a fork and spoon can be made out of an old plastic coke bottle. Duct tape can be wrapped around your lighter over and over, so you have some on hand if you need it. A car or house key can be threaded through one of your shoe laces and tucked under so you don’t lose or misplace it.

I hope this gives you a few ideas so you can make you are next hike or camp-out a little better

Leave any comments below and I will get back you as soon as I can









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