Survival food supply review

Survival food supply review


Emergency Survival Food Supply Kit

144 Meals that you can eat right now

Seperate Rations

Sturdy food grade bucket

25 plus year shelf life


Sweet habanero pineapple and chilli, pilaf rice, black bean soup, chilli classic, potato cheesy soup and brown sugar oatmeal just to name a few

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I thought a survival food supply review was definitely needed as I had my doubts weather the ones on the market were any good. But I must say I was pleasantly surprised that most were pretty good.

I have recently noticed the explosion of long shelf life survival foods hitting the market. As I have personally made all my own survival food kits, I was wondering how alot of these would stack up with what I had put together for myself and my family.

There’s lots of talk among the prepping community’s on how much one should store away if there were a shortage or stoppage of food supply at the stores in the event of a disaster scenario. Should it be 1 to 3 months or 5 to 10 years?

Some prepping families have a food and water supply of 25 years. This is a combination of food growing in gardens and a supply of pre made canned, vacuumed sealed bags and bottled foods, always at the ready. I know families that buy bulk water delivered to their doors on pallets

As with myself my long haul food pantry is slowly depleted as we go throughout the year. Every month or so I do a stock take of what food has been used and replenishing what’s been used. We always eat the foods that are going to go out of date the quickest. This means food never spoils and there’s always a fresh supply

This neat survival food supply kit comes in a very durable heavy container, so the little bugs and rodents wont be getting inside in a hurry. However always check regularly that there’s no bit and tooth marks from rats. They have extremely sharp teeth and Ive know them to bit around a steel bread tin like a can opener

Within this container you have a generous supply of 144 meals. Very yummy and the kids definitely wont be complaining. People are still continuing to buy the old army ration style of emergency food supplies. But just think about it, If you have a family good food will boost the mood of such a situation. There would be nothing worse than a terrible scenario and the food your about to put in the mouths of your wife and kids is below average.

A 25 year food supply is a weight of the shoulders knowing that if you needed to grab and run, you can do so with piece of mind.

Alot of the nasties are out of the foods that you will find in some other brands out there. So if you need to eat this food supply for 144 meals theres a good chance that you will feel pretty good and not sick and bloated

This is a good choice for survival food storage options. I like to have a few different options up my sleeve and don’t settle for one means of having food and water on hand

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