Survival Scenario Exercise

Survival Scenario Exercise

Having good fitness in the event of a disaster will help us endure and survive. Whether it’s a natural or man made disaster that we find staring down, having a good survival scenario exercise plan in place will definitely give you the tools needed to mentally and physically prepare and survive.

What’s the point! I would probably die anyway

You may question whether fitness is needed in a survival situation and that it’s pointless. You may reason that unforeseen circumstances could befall us in a disaster, and even having the best of fitness wouldn’t help us survive.

But what if we happen to survive? You could find yourself in any number of different situations needing your strength and stamina.

To physically not prepare for a disaster could be fatal

We have all heard of the stories of survivors who had to fight to stay alive after a disaster. Whether it’s been an earthquake or a rescue out at sea, many survivors later say that if they weren’t physically and mentally strong enough they would have died

Yes you can still have a good chance of survival if you are unfit, but the chances of your survival after a disaster could be decreased.

Training in the mornings is always the best time to do it.

When you have been sleeping all night in a nice comfy bed, the last thing you may not want to be doing is getting up and hitting the pavement.

But this is the best time to do it for a number of reasons

  1. Getting it over and done
  2. Weight loss
  3. Focused mindset for the rest of the day

Someone can maintain good fitness in a variety of ways by using what’s on hand around the home or walking tracks or pathways nearby.

Having a good routine at some point of the day when you can set aside 60 minutes for exercise will definitely have positive effects on your mind and body

I find that as soon as I wake up exercise is best done on an empty stomach. This is because we are clear and focused from a good night’s sleep and once we begin to exercise our body will get it’s energy from your fat stores.

I typically start the day off by

  • Walking briskly for 15 minutes
  • Do a combination of different weight training exercises for 30 minutes
  • Cool down spin bike for 15 minutes

You can have good physical fitness by setting aside 60 minutes a day

Home workout and survival mode training

A disaster could call on us to put our bodies to the test. Who knows what things and different scenarios we may face

We may need to walk a large distance to find help, lift wreckage to find survivors or maintain a positive mindset to help other survivors. So when we train for survival we must keep in mind the many scenarios we could find our selves in and train for those scenarios

Some areas I think are a must with any survival fitness routine are

  • Good core strength
  • Good leg strength
  • Good flexibility
  • Focused mindset

Exercises such as

  • Abdominal crunches
  • Planks
  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Chin ups
  • Bent over row
  • Dips
  • Push ups
  • Dead lifts
  • Stretching
  • Meditation
  • Jogging

Having a daily routine combining these exercises with a healthy diet, will give you the strength and focus needed for any disaster that may come your way

Disaster + fitness = survival

I have reaped the benefits of having good health and fitness for many years now. I have seen the importance of keeping a good routine in place and have passed this knowledge down to my wife and kids

If a disaster were to occur and have immediate effects on us, I’m confident that having a measure of fitness will keep us safe and alive. I don’t know if I could be separated from my family because of circumstances. But I’m put at ease knowing that they are mentally and physically prepared if a disaster was to strike

People are rewarded in public for what they practice for years in private

History has shown in the past that after a natural disaster, crime and violence are sure to fill the gap. People will go to great lengths to get food and will often resort to stealing and violence to get what they need.

If we were lacking physically and mentally, how could we take care of ourselves and family in the chaos that can often proceed a disaster?

How you train now will show itself in the event of a disaster and will save your life

Train now! Get off the couch, put down the Netflix remote and get moving

Getting fit and healthy can be fun and exciting. If you have the right exercise routine in place and can exercise with a good friend or family member, exercise can become addictive.

Many chemicals are released from the brain when we exercise, and these chemicals are called endorphins. Dopamine is one of these feel good chemicals and is released through meditation and exercise.
Once you start seeing changes in your body, your thinking will change on how you view exercise and you will gain momentum. This momentum will be a key to your survival in a disaster

Small steps and remember, good physical fitness doesn’t happen overnight

Try to view any exercise and health routine in small steps. People tend to think that results should happen almost immediately and then they drop off, but just remember to be patient and show persistence and your hard efforts will pay off in time.

Clear focused mindset

But how important is it to make good clear decisions if you were caught up in a natural disaster?

It could definitely give you the edge over most people and help you make the best decisions to get you out of anything. This is why we need to work hard at all aspects of our body, to grow in a deeper awareness of ourselves. This will maximize our abilities if needed

Set aside if possible 10 minutes twice a day, doing some sort of meditation and breathing practice. When I do this, I try to find a quiet spot away from any noise. I breathe in for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds, let out for 5 seconds and hold for 5 seconds. I repeat this for 10 minutes, thinking of all the things I am grateful for in life

Sometimes it’s hard to put health and fitness first at the top of the priority list. Juggling home chores, working all week, being there for the kids, socializing etc. can take a toll on our bodies. Not to mention the part these things play out on stress and anxiety.

The professionals say that any new habit that you start needs to be carried out for at least 21 days for it to stick, so be prepared for this to be challenging for the first few weeks.

Remember, make sure before you take on any exercise program that you first consult with your doctor.


There are many simple things we can do at home to build up our strength, mindset and fitness. We have considered some exercises that can be simply done in a short amount of time. Its imperative that we put a plan of action in place now in order to survive a disaster

Thank you for reading my blog and please any questions feel free to leave it below in the comments

Be safe



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