Waterproof hiking shoes top 3

Waterproof hiking shoes top 3


Let’s get another awesome review under way and look at the top 3 waterproof hiking shoes on the market

Every year, the newest fang dangle waterproof hiking shoes start appearing everywhere in our favourite stores and online. But what are the best and where can I find them at the cheapest price. Well im about to let you know!

 SALOMON X (Ultra 3 GTX) 

Synthetic and leather 

The benefits of synthetic and leather shoes is that they are extremely durable. As a seasoned hiker we expose our shoes to a large amount of wear and tear. The SALOMON X is a great choice for a durable, long lasting shoe.

Rubber sole 

Great for walking up and down steep surfaces. Rubber sole shoes are great for those tricky types of hikes that often come across rock, boulders and fallen trees

Been tested thoroughly over time to produce the best fit

Synergistically designed with a reinforced top section of the sensifit, supporting  your foot in a most comfortably way. Walking downhill is definitely no problem 

Lots of bits and bobs to make your feet feel on-top of the world 

Best place to buy – Amazon (Click here to buy)


MERRELL MOAB 2 (Waterproof – womens)

Hot Suede Leather Mesh

A lot of hiking shoe manufacturers these days cater for the hiking girl out there. Shoes these days can’t only function really awesome, they have to look really good as well. The suede leather mesh makes the shoe look like it could be warn at the local night club and nobody would notice. Haha no just joking, but they do look really good

Aggressive Rubber sole 

The rubber sole on these shoes cushion a lot of the impact from surfaces the shoe finds itself on. Talking to friends that hike in these shoes, they indicated that they respond really well to down hill climbs and jumping between obstacles

Big heel measuring approx 1.5″

Super high platform measuring  approx 1. inches

Tear out the inner sole if need be

You can remove the inner sole in these which can be great for washing them out after a long days hike

Merrell Air cushioning in the heel takes out most of the shock and adds stability 

Protective rubber toe cap

Best place to buy Amazon (Click here to buy)



Strong sturdy leather

Hiking shoes that are made from leather are great once they are broken in. Leather can be very unforgiving to the backs of your heals and your toes, so make sure you select the right size.

I recently read a book on the Pacific Crest trail, by Sheryl Strayed. There was a part in the book when she talks about her shoes severely chaffing and blistering her feet because of being to small. Ouch! I definitely know the feeling of hiking in leather shoes that are one size to small.

Make sure when purchasing leather hiking shoes they are the right size.  I can’t overemphasise this enough

Great colour combinations 

Super nasty laces

We need to have the best laces to brace our feet when out hiking. I also consider laces to have different purposes for me if I were in a survival situation. Laces can be used for slinging a broken arm, constriction of a limb in regards to a snake bit, making a bow to hunt with.

Strong thick laces are always good for your feet and to have as a stand by

Ultimate protection under foot and stability and traction when running away from bears or snakes

Best place to buy Amazon (Click here to buy)



A good pair of shoes I think is one of the most important choices you can make if your serious about hiking. Ive seen many people skimp in this area and it has made there hiking experience awful. When exploring the great outdoors the last thing we would want to be doing is sitting down rubbing our feet in pain. We would miss out on what we set out to do, and that’s taking in all the beautiful scenery

Hope these reviews help you with your next purchase. With all my reviews I thoroughly do my research so I can provide you with the best advise and help. These 3 waterproof hiking shoes are definitely the best on the market in 2018

Any questions please feel free to comment below and ill endeavour to get back to you as soon a possible




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